Friday, April 29, 2011

Signed the Papers!!

It is OFFICIAL!! We will be saying goodbye to our time here at Wymount. We have loved it! and it is really hard to leave all of our friends!
But, change will be good. We can move in May 14th. We are so so excited! I am going to feel spoiled the whole time we live here! The Summer will be a little rough living but oh so worth it.

We live right across the street from our really good friend The Robertson's (from our mission) Another great change, church time will be 11:00 a.m. instead of our current 8:30 a.m. time! How nice will that be!?!

Pictures to follow!.....


Alicia said...

Admitted selfish motive for being happy. No more worrying that you or the kids will fall down those stairs. RELIEF!

.Chrissy said...

Yeah! I worry about Savannah all the time, I know how much she wants to try to go down them.
Less than two weeks! and I am not stressed at all! Lots of time to finish packing! : )

Collette Mae said...

1st. Thanks for the nice things you said on my post I really appreciate it :) Second, I'm excited for you but also sad! I'll finally have time to get to know people in the ward, and people are moving! 3rd. I love your babies, they are so beautiful! Let me know if you need any help moving!