Saturday, April 23, 2011

How To Live Happy--Live A Glass Half Full Life

My Fourth Challenge is more of a change of mind than an actual task. See the world HALF FULL! We all know that things are not that great in our lives ALL the time. But a lot of our happiness has to do with how we handle the hard times and the attitude we choose to have while we live. We will never have everything perfect, or have everything we need and/or want, we will never have a trouble free life. But the one thing we can have without anything else, is HAPPINESS. When we make the best of things and choose to be happy inspite of hardships or discomfort or even more serious trials we are able to enjoy life!
It is funny because while I had this idea set and the first couple sentances saved in my draft section, Glenn totally called me on this very subject, we are trying to move, maybe lol, and so I started packing, I have boxes covering my kitchen and living room and it looks like we may not move until the end of May and truthfully I did not automatically look at the glass half-full, I thought of how not fun it was going to be to live with half of our stuff packed and having boxes all over, I have to admit I was murmering a little and Glenn said to me "Is the glass half-full?" and I had not told him what my subject this week was going to be yet. What a way to realize that I need to work on this more than I even thought!!! So, perfect timing! I commit to having a Glass Half Full Life!


Josh, Shan & Jack said...

:( SO sad you guys are moving... well excited for you, but sad for us! haha. you guys are great and will really be missed!

Stacie said...

Today of all days, I really needed to hear this. Thanks.

.Chrissy said...

Shannon--I know it really is sad! I hate leaving everyone1 this really is the best ward and the most fun neighborhood! It is hard, but yeah we are really excited about the new place! and we won't be far! we definitely should still get together!
Stacie! I am so glad that it was something helpful for you, it was for me too! It is amazing how sometimes we just need a little encouragement and then we can do it! That is what I needed, a kick in the pants to remember I could still have a good attitude! Hope everything is okay with you and your family! :)