Sunday, July 31, 2011

Skirt Number 2

Here is my second skirt, with me actually getting to pick out my fabric specifically. I got it done in time to wear it to church today!

Savvy Moment

I have to wake Savannah up at 6:00 am on Sundays so that she can be tired enough for a nap by 8:30-9 so that she can make it all the way through church, which starts at 11 and goes until 2. This morning I was sewing a skirt while she was watching Beauty and the Beast and I sneezed. She started laughing and then started pretending to sneeze over and over again. It was really cute.

Yesterday we went to Salt Lake because my extended family wanted to do a craft day. (awesome!) So Glenn and Savannah went to Brandon and Lisa's with the other Dads and Kids. They went swimming and Savannah just loved it! She is like a fish and she is not afraid of anything! Which is not always a good thing.... But they had a really good time.

This is a Hazel moment, (Hazel is my niece, and she is 3 years old) they were in the car driving and she started talking about a gray truck in front of them, but she kept calling it black, so my brother Josh explained that it was a Gray truck. Hazel's response was,"This is how I say gray, "Black"." pretty funny.

Savannah will now say Please but it comes out "peas" She is usually asking for me to fill up her little cup that has the straw built in. Not because she wants a drink but because she wants to blow bubbles in it. : ) She spills it all over the kitchen floor and Judah lays right by her so that he can splash in the water with his hand. They think they have a pretty good system going. (the clean up crew a.k.a. mom isn't as thrilled about it, haha)

Savannah is doing so good with her prayers now, she will fold her arms but just until we actually start praying and then of course it is playtime again. But she is adorable at the end because when we say "amen" she says "namen". I really love the stage she is in right now!

Glenn's cousin Eric is dating a girl, and it is a little more serious, they have gotten to the point of their relationship where they have some disagreements. Eric called Glenn and Glenn gave his "All women are crazy speech" to him (the one he has given all of his good friends right before they end up getting married) so I text him afterwards to give him the addendum to the speech which is, "We might be crazy but you men drive us there" and Glenn was trying to stop me so we ended up wrestling on the floor over the phone and he was tickling me, Savannah came over to make sure I was laughing and that he wasn't hurting me because she really has never seen anything quite like that before, (side note-I love that she was protective!) and when she saw I was smiling and laughing she jumped on both of us to join in. It was really fun, I really love playing with my family.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Sewing Bug

I learned how to sew when I was in Junior High or something like that and it went pretty mom though is the REAL professional! But I finally got the bug again and now I am pretty sure I am going to go crazy! I started with pillows and have moved on to skirts...
Here is my first one!

It will look better once I have lost all my baby weight!: )

Fun Stages

I love the stage that both my kids are in right now! They are really cute when they laugh and play together! They are both just such happy kids!! Glenn and I are feel so lucky and are so blessed by our little Savvy and Judah.

If I walk away to get something when I am feeding Judah, Savannah quickly jumps up to sit in front of him and they both just stare at each other and laugh.

This is how messy my house can get! It happens so fast too! We joke about Hurricane Savannah visiting haha

Pillows-the first of many

I have wanted to make some pillows for my living room for a while now and I finally got around to it! Now that I have done some, I am pretty sure it is the first batch of many to come because I found out that I REALLY like decorative pillows!
The ruffle one was the most time consuming because I do not have a ruffler on my sewing machine but even with that they were pretty easy to make.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Live Happy

My challenge is inspired from someone being kind to me today. Explanation to follow...
While I was on my mission, I met someone that truly was a nice person in general, but somehow she made me and my fellow missionaries feel very very small. While thinking about this feeling I thought about my Aunt who has the amazing talent of making everyone she talks to feel like an adult. I remember feeling that way when I met her in my pre-teens and it has always been that way, and the way I have seen her with other people. Remembering this rare talent and feeling the opposite affect, I decided to write her a letter and let her know that she had that talent and that it made a difference to other people! and thanked her for being the way she was. She responded back explaining how appreciative she was to receive that letter because she had no idea she had that talent and that it came at a time that she was feeling very talented-less.
I just received a message from a friend I met about seven years ago in High School named Emily, we haven't talked much over the years but keep in touch through the great technology of our day. She took the time and thought to share something with me that really made my day and honestly I will think about it often.
You never know how much it means to someone when you recognize something good in them and tell them especially when it comes so unexpectedly. My challenge for you today is to think about someone or maybe you have been thinking of someone already recently. Find a way to write them a message telling them what you have appreciated about them or what you have learned from them or something you admire about them. I haven't done this for a while, but having been the recipient and knowing how much it meant to me, I hope to be able to express my love and appreciation for others more often too.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Earring Holder

I have been wanting a jewelry holder for quite some time but we cannot afford one yet. I used to keep them all in a box and then all my jewelry would so tangled and it was hard to find them. I know that there are some cute hanging jewelry ideas but some of my jewelry would get tarnished being out in the open air. I had been thinking about it for a while and realized I had this box from a scrapbook kit I got for Christmas and I just lined it with scrapbook paper and hot glued string across the box and it is perfect for my earrings!!! Now I just need to figure out how to work out the necklace part of the equation. Maybe I can find a long tie box...But I was really excited how this turned out!!

The lid is what makes it all possible!

I need to move the Earring holder down more now that I know the height of the items on my dresser. (it fits the things around the wall on the sides of it, so it doesn't look bad when you walk into the room, but when I take a picture of just this area it is obvious that it is placed too high. So I will fix that : )

Here is my cake stand Jewelry holder. I am not sure how I feel about it yet. It might be a mistake. You know how sometimes you can't tell whether you like something or not...this is one of those times. I will know eventually(let me know what you think...)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Morning Playtime

We have had such a great morning, here is Judah and Savannah playing together

Yes he goes right for the computer cord, thank goodness he's all gums for now

Savannah has her purse and her pretend phone. She has other play cell phones she plays with too but for today it is the little remote

Savannah usually wins these battles for now...

I love how Savvy turns and just starts talking to him! I just love these two!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Woman of Christ In A World That Would Have You Be Otherwise

Be a woman of Christ.
Cherish your esteemed place
in the sight of God.
He needs you.
This church needs you.
The world needs you.
A woman's abiding trust in God
and unfailing devotion to
things of the Spirit have always
been an anchor when the wind and
the waves of life were fiercest.
I say to you what the Prophet Joseph
said more than 150 years ago
"If you live up to your privileges
the angels cannot be restrained from
being your associates."
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Ensign Nov 2005
I keep this quote in my scriptures. This quote brings a sort of empowerment to me, especially because I believe that the winds and waves are trying to distract us from the Lord. We have so many opportunities in our generation that we often set aside our devotion to things of the Spirit. It is easy to become one of the foolish virgins instead of the wise without even realizing that we've done it, this quote helps to remind me to fill my lamp.
I decided to read The Book of Mormon in a month. I am reading the "trade edition" which is a little closer to a novel format. My goal is to read 20 pages a day. I started on July 10th. My challenge is to pick a spiritual goal, start where it feels most comfortable for you, it may be to read 3 scriptures a day. Or pray for an entire 5 minutes. or you might be able to read The Book of Mormon in 2 weeks. Reread the quote above and choose something that will help you to be an anchor for Christ.
" small means the Lord can bring about great things."
1 Nephi 16:29

Happy Home

I decided I REALLY like the look of collages. I know this isn't the best one ever but this is my collage that I made for my living room. I only had to buy the parenthesis, I had everything else and just had to modify it! I am really happy with how it turned out, one day I will be able to make a big collage that I can carefully choose each part of but for now I am really happy and look forward to doing new things later and happily enjoying this for now.

Happy Home

This is my new centerpiece!
~ It is hard to see what the bottom is but it is just textured brown paper under the glass. I am sort of in a feather craze right now, the rest of the world and I anyway. But the thing about me and style/fashion is when I find something I like, it becomes a part of my style even if it goes out of style.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Savannah's Joke

Savannah likes to go into the bathroom down the hall and play in there, but she knows she is not supposed to. The door must have not been closed all the way, and I heard her in the lift the toilet lid so I call her name, and started going around the corner and down the hallway to go get her. I went into the bathroom to get her, and she wasn't there...I went back out and Savannah started running out of her room GIGGLING! It was like she knew she had tricked me and she thought it was so funny!