Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Live Happy

My challenge is inspired from someone being kind to me today. Explanation to follow...
While I was on my mission, I met someone that truly was a nice person in general, but somehow she made me and my fellow missionaries feel very very small. While thinking about this feeling I thought about my Aunt who has the amazing talent of making everyone she talks to feel like an adult. I remember feeling that way when I met her in my pre-teens and it has always been that way, and the way I have seen her with other people. Remembering this rare talent and feeling the opposite affect, I decided to write her a letter and let her know that she had that talent and that it made a difference to other people! and thanked her for being the way she was. She responded back explaining how appreciative she was to receive that letter because she had no idea she had that talent and that it came at a time that she was feeling very talented-less.
I just received a message from a friend I met about seven years ago in High School named Emily, we haven't talked much over the years but keep in touch through the great technology of our day. She took the time and thought to share something with me that really made my day and honestly I will think about it often.
You never know how much it means to someone when you recognize something good in them and tell them especially when it comes so unexpectedly. My challenge for you today is to think about someone or maybe you have been thinking of someone already recently. Find a way to write them a message telling them what you have appreciated about them or what you have learned from them or something you admire about them. I haven't done this for a while, but having been the recipient and knowing how much it meant to me, I hope to be able to express my love and appreciation for others more often too.

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