Monday, June 25, 2012


 Judah is finally doing bigger boy stuff. He was drawing so well. He is now officially in nursery at church too! : )

Savvy, Audrey, Judah, Gracey

The Make Up Artist

Yeah she thought she looked pretty hot, don't you love the headband on backwards?

 I think she loves creating things! : )

Aspiring Gymnist

Audrey(Savannah's cousin) just became involved in gymnastics and was showing us all the cool things she could do. Savannah decided she wanted to try and so she laid down on the ground and put her leg in the air. She was so proud of herself!!

The Little Artist

 I got Savannah a little dollar paint set and a book....and she is our new little artist!

 If you notice the one below has a lot of lines and circles..and that is exactly what she painted. Above is more like objects and she painted blocks of colors. I am really impressed (I guess it doesn't take much because she is my kid but still)

Summer Lovin!

 When Savvy is supposed to be in bed she wraps up in this big blanket and then she moves a few feet and then pauses..when she gets to the stairs she goes down a few and then waits until she gets caught. She thinks she is so sneaky. : )
 Judah and Savvy had such a great time with some balloons from the dollar store!

 Judah was bugging Gigi and Gigi started nipping his hand and he thought it was the funniest thing in the whole world.
 Yeah do you like this...

 Savvy's art you love her pose?
 She missed Grammy and Papa so much! Both of them got held like this by Savvy : )
They don't look happy but they were.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Book List

I have actually never made a summer book list before but this year I decided to because I had to pack certain books in storage while we are here at Glenn's mom's house, so I kept a small selection out for me to read. I started in the middle of May so I will write which ones I have read so far....
I have read this one...
this one...
this one...
I am reading this one....
I have read this one....

This one is a text book and I have read 100 pages out 750 so far....

I am really excited about my list and happy that it is going so well (so far....)
Hope you can find a good book to read this summer too!

Savvy Singing to Hercules

Oh man, she is so cute, I noticed what she was doing and I was so happy the camera was close by!

Genealogy Humor

When I was growing up I was really grateful that my mom and dad did their genealogy because that meant I didn't have to do any...hahaha. But it turns out I really like Genealogy now that I have matured a little and there is plenty to do with Glenn's family and with the current living generations so that our children and grandchildren will be able to know who we are. I am making a Robbins Family History book about my little family(my parents and siblings(and their spouses)) I can't wait to show it to you all when it is done.

Stamping away...

 I love doing projects with Savannah. I wanted to make some homemade stationary, so I got my stamping stuff out and of course I had a very willing crafter to keep me company!!