Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Injustice Of It All....

I paid the most I have ever paid today for a haircut in my ENTIRE life and asked for 4-5 inches and instead got 10 1/2 (Glenn measured)

Sad day.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Savvy Mob is Coming

For our Family Night activity tonight we played blocks with Savannah. Glenn and I started joking that we were trying to build the Kirtland Temple and the Mob(Savannah) kept coming to destroy it! : ) We were both trying to build different towers and she was able to knock them down at record speed! It was a lot of fun.
Then we started singing songs while we were building and Savannah was holding a book open and started singing her own little song too! She is going to be our little singer!
Have to share this from the other day too---Savannah was in the bath playing around and all of the sudden Savannah folds her arms, looks down, and starts whispering....then she looked up at me and smiled and looked back down and whispered again! I love that she is learning how to pray!! It was really so exciting for me!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Home

Studio 5(a show in Utah for women) does a segment called Happy Homes where they showcase things in people's houses that make them happy. I decided to do that in my own little house. So here is my first little Happy Home segment...
First of all do you love the empty frame? I thought about taking the picture without it but decided to add it! I don't know what I am going to put in the frame yet but I still like it! (it was bronze and gold before and kind of ugly. I added some black glossy spray paint and Vwala!(is that how you spell that?) I love it! I also had these fabric stacking boxes that were a little old fashioned and I decided to cover them. I love the color AQUA! that is the new color for my living room, along with dark red. I don't know if it is going to work out, but I like it so far! It is such an unlikely combination but I really like it!

Oh and this lamp is my FAVORITE lamp ever! My father-in-law gave it to me because he knew I had liked it and he was getting some stained glass lamps from Tiffany's. And seriously I like it better than any lamp at Tiffany's! I am really happy that it worked out for both of us!

How to Live Happy-Put Your Best-Self Forward

Here comes Challenge Number 6!
This one is a little sensitive I suppose...but I do believe it. So here we go...My challenge is to put your best self forward. I know that it is not always convenient to get ready every day with the hair and the make up and all that, BUT! I know that it really makes a HUGE difference on how you feel!
Funny story, when I decided to go on my mission a friend of mine, who had served a mission, told me that after a while I wouldn't care about how I looked and I wouldn't do my hair or my make up. I didn't say anything out loud but inside I thought loudly, "You don't know me very well. : )" While on my mission I can say I did not go a day without my make up on and my hair done; you might wonder why it is important!? A lot of sisters tend to get depressed on their mission, I was really happy and I really think taking the time to get ready made a difference. and I felt good about myself(not to say I didn't have hard days sometimes, but it definitely cut them down)
Think about how you feel when you get dressed up and get all ready, it really makes a difference! You really will feel better! I don't mean to say that you have to wear a TON of make up! Or spend hours on your hair. But whatever it is that you are comfortable with. It may seem unimportant but if it makes you feel better during your day, week, and so on...then isn't it worth it? the answer is YES! : ) it is! It is also important that you be YOURSELF! You don't have to become someone else, just try to do the little things that help you, it doesn't have to be a big transformation!

We all have different talents and if you are just not sure what to do with yourself then find someone that you can tell has similar style to you or what you would want to do and just ask them for suggestions. or you can email me if you want People are usually happy to help!!!
So try to always put YOUR best self forward and I promise that it will boost your confidence and add to your happiness!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rocking Horses and Kisses in Bed

She LOVED rocking on the rocking horse!

On Mother's Day we went to my parent's house to visit, my dad got the rocking horse out for Savannah(my Great Grandfather built it!) My dad held onto her most of the time because it was kind of high for her. After they rocked about five times back and forth all of the sudden Savannah says really loudly and happily OH-KAAAY!!! It was the clearest and loudest she has ever said any word. It was so cute, I was seriously brimming with joy that she had said something so precisely and was so adorable. A great Mother's Day present!!


In our new home...
We thought when we moved in that all of the utilities were on because the water was on and the air conditioning was on. But apparently the gas was not! We found that out our first night there when we went to shower that night because we were dirty and sweaty from the move. Cold showers are painful. : )
It has also been pretty stormy and kind of chilly here lately, at least it is when you don't have any heat. Throughout the night one of the two kids were up every hour, probably because they were uncomfortable because they were I didn't get much sleep, Glenn let me have a couple hours in the morning to kind of make up for the nighttime. After a little bit he brought Savannah in to me to get warmed up, she laid with me in bed and really did not move for twenty minutes just enjoying the warmth. When we she done she lifts herself up and kisses me three times on my mouth and then jumps up to go. It was like she was saying thanks for warming me up mom! I really loved that moment!!


When Savannah was first playing in our new place she started talking as she would step in place a couple times and then walk a few steps and then step in place a couple times and walk a few steps...I think she likes the new carpet : )

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dad's Alone Day With the Kids

I had a baby shower today for my best friend Annette in Salt Lake, so Glenn had the kids all day.
I came home and he summed it up with two words....Pooping and Crying. : )
One particular highlight......
Savannah woke up crying, Glenn went to go get her and found a Poopy Hand-Poopy Face Girl with No Diaper! Needless to say he was NOT happy hahaha.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cute Little Judah and Savannah

They were both LOVING playing together!

Savannah had whined and went to her chair so I gave her a little snack and I went to go take care of Judah. I came back five minutes later and she was sound asleep in the chair! and it wasn't even naptime...
Poor little thing!

Judah is finally at the age that he will play with toys and try to sit up, I love it! But he keeps flipping his legs out (he likes to stand) and so he won't stay in this position very long. (sad for mommy : ) )

He just looked so darn cute I couldn't resist taking this one!

Judah was just laying here with his head in the crack of the couch. We were trying to figure out what he was doing, and soon found out he was concentrating really hard getting ready for a diaper change...yay for Mom.

How to Live Happy-Being Active-Physical and Spiritual Exercise

My Fifth Challenge is to be more Active. But not just that alone! : ) I challenge you to do some sort of workout. Whether it is at a gym or just going for a walk...any type of exercise like that will work. The step I would add to that is while you are working out(even going for a walk counts) LISTEN to a talk by a General Authority. My favorite is to listen to Elder Holland's talk when I work out! It really helps me work out harder and longer than I necessarily want to, which is really awesome but the best consequence is that when you are done, you just want to be a better person! You feel spiritually rejuvenated as well as physically.

My specific challenge is for one week, every day, exercise and listen to a talk by Elder Holland and pay attention to how you feel and how it changes your workout and your day!