Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cute Little Judah and Savannah

They were both LOVING playing together!

Savannah had whined and went to her chair so I gave her a little snack and I went to go take care of Judah. I came back five minutes later and she was sound asleep in the chair! and it wasn't even naptime...
Poor little thing!

Judah is finally at the age that he will play with toys and try to sit up, I love it! But he keeps flipping his legs out (he likes to stand) and so he won't stay in this position very long. (sad for mommy : ) )

He just looked so darn cute I couldn't resist taking this one!

Judah was just laying here with his head in the crack of the couch. We were trying to figure out what he was doing, and soon found out he was concentrating really hard getting ready for a diaper change...yay for Mom.

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Lisa Wolf Smith said...

Oh man- my baby totally doesn't the 'pooping while sitting in the crack of the couch' thing too! hahaha- must be a good spot?