Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to Live Happy-Put Your Best-Self Forward

Here comes Challenge Number 6!
This one is a little sensitive I suppose...but I do believe it. So here we go...My challenge is to put your best self forward. I know that it is not always convenient to get ready every day with the hair and the make up and all that, BUT! I know that it really makes a HUGE difference on how you feel!
Funny story, when I decided to go on my mission a friend of mine, who had served a mission, told me that after a while I wouldn't care about how I looked and I wouldn't do my hair or my make up. I didn't say anything out loud but inside I thought loudly, "You don't know me very well. : )" While on my mission I can say I did not go a day without my make up on and my hair done; you might wonder why it is important!? A lot of sisters tend to get depressed on their mission, I was really happy and I really think taking the time to get ready made a difference. and I felt good about myself(not to say I didn't have hard days sometimes, but it definitely cut them down)
Think about how you feel when you get dressed up and get all ready, it really makes a difference! You really will feel better! I don't mean to say that you have to wear a TON of make up! Or spend hours on your hair. But whatever it is that you are comfortable with. It may seem unimportant but if it makes you feel better during your day, week, and so on...then isn't it worth it? the answer is YES! : ) it is! It is also important that you be YOURSELF! You don't have to become someone else, just try to do the little things that help you, it doesn't have to be a big transformation!

We all have different talents and if you are just not sure what to do with yourself then find someone that you can tell has similar style to you or what you would want to do and just ask them for suggestions. or you can email me if you want People are usually happy to help!!!
So try to always put YOUR best self forward and I promise that it will boost your confidence and add to your happiness!

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