Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Live Happy-Being Active-Physical and Spiritual Exercise

My Fifth Challenge is to be more Active. But not just that alone! : ) I challenge you to do some sort of workout. Whether it is at a gym or just going for a walk...any type of exercise like that will work. The step I would add to that is while you are working out(even going for a walk counts) LISTEN to a talk by a General Authority. My favorite is to listen to Elder Holland's talk when I work out! It really helps me work out harder and longer than I necessarily want to, which is really awesome but the best consequence is that when you are done, you just want to be a better person! You feel spiritually rejuvenated as well as physically.

My specific challenge is for one week, every day, exercise and listen to a talk by Elder Holland and pay attention to how you feel and how it changes your workout and your day!


Crystal said...

Chrissy, your blog is awesome! I love the little challenges especially this one, I always try to find dancey music to work out to, cause then I try to match the beat and will workout harder. But what a great way to get two essentials in at once. Its hard to fit everything into the day and I often crash when reading the ensign or listening to a talk at the end of the day, but adding it to my workout Im sure would help there too. Now if only I could make myself wake up even earlier in the morning to start my day like that..

.Chrissy said...

Thanks Crystal!!! That is so nice of you! my husband likes switching on and off with upbeat music and talks. It probably depends on the day on what each person needs