Monday, May 23, 2011

The Savvy Mob is Coming

For our Family Night activity tonight we played blocks with Savannah. Glenn and I started joking that we were trying to build the Kirtland Temple and the Mob(Savannah) kept coming to destroy it! : ) We were both trying to build different towers and she was able to knock them down at record speed! It was a lot of fun.
Then we started singing songs while we were building and Savannah was holding a book open and started singing her own little song too! She is going to be our little singer!
Have to share this from the other day too---Savannah was in the bath playing around and all of the sudden Savannah folds her arms, looks down, and starts whispering....then she looked up at me and smiled and looked back down and whispered again! I love that she is learning how to pray!! It was really so exciting for me!

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Lisa Wolf Smith said...

I love praying in the tub- too cute!