Friday, December 14, 2012

Judah-a.k.a. in our house....The Master Trouble Maker

At two years old Judah is my master trouble maker. He literally scans the room looking for weaknesses in my defenses, he looks for anything out of the ordinary and checks to see if there is anything that has been left unlocked or unprotected.

We keep our bedroom door locked because we have a computer in there and the bathroom is off to the side. But if we forget to lock it up again once we have been in there he notices right away. He knows if the center of the lock is horizontal it is locked but if it is vertical it is open season.
If he gets into our room he either hops in my closet and runs back and forth through my clothes pulling them down as he goes. Or he climbs onto the counter and jumps into the sink. When I am in my room he likes to sneak out with my curling iron and run into the living room and plug it into the wall socket.

I have to rope his door shut to put him to bed and down for his nap because he knows how to unlock his door.
He climbs onto the counter and grabs the phone so that he can run away with it and push all the buttons.

He tries to climb the pantry shelves and he has climbed up Savannah's dollhouse and laid down on the top shelf.
He takes his diaper off 30 times a day. Whether there is something in it or not. I literally have high intensity radar for the sound of diaper velcro.
He loves to hang off the back of the couch so he is being held up by his arms.

He stands on the ottoman and jumps at you whether you are ready for him or not.

We have those panel blinds in front of our sliding glass door and he hooks them in his arm as he runs by them, every time.
If he finds a piece of crayon or a pencil or a pen he immediately runs over to my couch and swipes it down the side of it.

I used to have adorable decorations by his bed. I picked them up after he threw them all over his floor at least two dozen times and finally had to take them all down because he was started to scratch up the wall.

Judah also has a fondness for the oven burner buttons. He has ruined dinners before because he will go and flip the knob and change the temperature and sometimes he just turns if off and I come over to figure out that our food hasn't been cooking at all.
If he doesn't like what is on the t.v. he will go over to the side of it and change the channel. Even if we are in the middle of a show.
When he is done eating he still throws his food off of both sides of his tray.

If Savannah is playing peacefully by herself, it never fails that Judah will run over grab something she is playing with and runs away to make her chase him as he giggles like crazy. 

I definitely have my hands full with this one! ; ) But he is also so stinkin' cute! He is so quick to laugh! He is the most tickleish little boy ever. He loves giving me kisses and loves to help me clean up. He is so sweet and gives the best hugs in the whole world!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Our new outdoors

 I don't know why but he looks like he is strutting....funny guy

 Savvy loves flowers

 This is how Savvy plays....
....This is how Judah plays.

Art and Secret Places

Judah thinks this is a great place to play

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Book Reviews from the Summertime

Summer Book List

"I have actually never made a summer book list before but this year I decided to because I had to pack certain books in storage while we are here at Glenn's mom's house, so I kept a small selection out for me to read." May 2012
Well the summer is now over and despite how busy it was I surprised myself when I discovered I read 15 books this summer! I didn't read every book on my list but I did end up reading quite a few that were not on my list. Here are my reviews for the books.

7/10 It was a good book. I thought she had really amazing points of view on the subject but there were some parts of her writing style I didn't really like all that much.
10/10 Sheri Dew is seriously incredible! She is so empowering and I love that she lets us learn from things she has learned. She really opens her life up to the reader and I think she is more persuasive because of it.
9/10 I really enjoyed reading a book from Sister Holland for a change. I usually read her husbands talks and books so it was really fun getting to know her through her book. I earmarked and underlined SO MANY passages from this book! I would definitely recommend it!
10+/10 This book gets my favorite of the list status! This book explains the Atonement of Jesus Christ in a way that completely relates to your own life. He really has a way of connecting to you and helping you feel a deeper relationship with the Savior.                                                                  
6/10 Matched was a fun quick read.  

I actually never got to either of the sequels. They didn't have them at Barnes and Noble when I could have bought it and then it was just never a priority. Maybe when they get out on paperback.
same as above

This one is a text book and I have read 100 pages out 750 so far....That is as far as I got. I will get into it some more later.
8/10 I really love reading Sheri Dew. I think she is one of the most incredible women!
8/10 I think I liked No One Can Take Your Place the most. But I still loved all three of these books by her.
I did not get to this one. I don't think I was quite in the mood for something quite like this.
I did not end up reading this because Glenn read it first and said it had some not really good parts in it so I decided to scratch this one.
10/10 President Hinckley's book was so good! I cannot believe I had not read it before now! He teaches in such a straight forward manner. He also helps you see through the worldly fog and gives a more clear definition with situations about virtues we should be living. 

Summer List

3/10 This book was the type of book that anyone from the age of 10-13 would LOVE! But it was definitely not geared toward an adult.
 8/10 Little Women is such an all time great book! It is the type that you can read several times over your life and not get bored.

9/10 This book was so extremely thought-provoking! Loved it!

 8/10 Fantasy Book-this was a really fun story-it was a little graphic at times. But it had a really compelling storyline and was very creative. I really enjoyed the characters.
Same as above and I also read number 3.

It is not much but it is something

 Grammy let Savvy take the wheel for a while ; ) She thinks she is pretty hot stuff!
 Savvy loves cleaning with the swiffer...she was helping me so much that day...
 Judah loves sitting in cupboards.
 Savvy and her little dollhouse

 Home from church-church clothes are off and playtime begins.
 Savannah loves to color. I love her hair!

 Taking care of her dollies

 awe! I just love this one!
She did this pose all on her own!