Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Book Reviews from the Summertime

Summer Book List

"I have actually never made a summer book list before but this year I decided to because I had to pack certain books in storage while we are here at Glenn's mom's house, so I kept a small selection out for me to read." May 2012
Well the summer is now over and despite how busy it was I surprised myself when I discovered I read 15 books this summer! I didn't read every book on my list but I did end up reading quite a few that were not on my list. Here are my reviews for the books.

7/10 It was a good book. I thought she had really amazing points of view on the subject but there were some parts of her writing style I didn't really like all that much.
10/10 Sheri Dew is seriously incredible! She is so empowering and I love that she lets us learn from things she has learned. She really opens her life up to the reader and I think she is more persuasive because of it.
9/10 I really enjoyed reading a book from Sister Holland for a change. I usually read her husbands talks and books so it was really fun getting to know her through her book. I earmarked and underlined SO MANY passages from this book! I would definitely recommend it!
10+/10 This book gets my favorite of the list status! This book explains the Atonement of Jesus Christ in a way that completely relates to your own life. He really has a way of connecting to you and helping you feel a deeper relationship with the Savior.                                                                  
6/10 Matched was a fun quick read.  

I actually never got to either of the sequels. They didn't have them at Barnes and Noble when I could have bought it and then it was just never a priority. Maybe when they get out on paperback.
same as above

This one is a text book and I have read 100 pages out 750 so far....That is as far as I got. I will get into it some more later.
8/10 I really love reading Sheri Dew. I think she is one of the most incredible women!
8/10 I think I liked No One Can Take Your Place the most. But I still loved all three of these books by her.
I did not get to this one. I don't think I was quite in the mood for something quite like this.
I did not end up reading this because Glenn read it first and said it had some not really good parts in it so I decided to scratch this one.
10/10 President Hinckley's book was so good! I cannot believe I had not read it before now! He teaches in such a straight forward manner. He also helps you see through the worldly fog and gives a more clear definition with situations about virtues we should be living. 

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Mandy said...

You make me want to go to the library...I think I will tomorrow! I haven't read in a while.... loved reading your reviews and I'm going to take you up on them!