Friday, April 27, 2012


 Judah LOVES that he can open these doors, he thinks it has provided all new freedoms for him...
 I guess sometimes it does, temporarily
Yesterday Judah took a 4 HOUR nap...I was afraid he was dead and went to check on him and he was still asleep. I wonder how long he would have slept if I had let him keep going....But he definitely had a HUGE growth spurt! He seems taller today and just older. I know that might sound silly, but I really feel like I can tell he is older today than yesterday. : )

This is Gigi! Savannah wakes up and goes to bed saying her name. Gigi is pretty fond of Savvy too...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tomato Tamato

Savvy thinks everything round and red is an apple. We found this on the counter and suspect she kept taking bites and wondering why it did not taste like an apple....

Congrats and Farewell!

We combined a graduation party along with a farewell party since we are moving this week to Vegas. Glenn finished all his classes and finals this last week and got straight A's again! He is graduating in the top 1% at BYU which is really awesome!! (he hates when I tell people that...) : ) We had a lot of fun with our family and we will miss them so much! But Glenn thinks we are supposed to own this million dollar house in Herriman so maybe we will be back in Utah after Law
Yesterday Savvy just started walking around with her hands on her hips! It was so cute! and funny.
Savvy thought Uncle Josh's hat was a toy for her to play with...
Cheetos fingers
Savvy just loves Papa-she loves saying his name...
Papa is the favorite for all the little girls to get swung in the air...oh how they love Papa
As a joke my family pretended to get Glenn a U of U mug for graduating....

...but they did get him BYU glasses-apparently Fanzz doesn't get a lot of customers wanting Beer mugs with the BYU logo on it...haha

Hazel, Judah, Audrey
Uncle Dan and all the kids-watching Toy Story or as Savvy calls it "Buzz"
Uncle Dan and Savvy were pals!

The Monkey in the Background

Awe!! Isn't this the sweetest picture!? Now look in the background, do you see a Savvy bottom? lol
Savannah is LOVING headbands lately! She does look really adorable in them.
Their favorite part of moving...

Judah loves playing with the blinds. Savvy's bed gives him just the right boost
Judah is so funny! He really does not like being around other people(which actually was how I was, I know it is hard to believe) Judah is the happiest kid when we are just with our family but if we have people over he is so cranky.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's Judah Time

Glenn said I am not getting enough pictures of Judah and he is here's a good start

He is my naughty son...he loves to play on the computer, which he gets in trouble for OVER AND OVER again! He really does not care when I get after him about stuff. He does the same wrong things and nothing stops him from trying it again in a couple minutes.

Friday, April 6, 2012

At Grammy and Papas

Savvy and Nemo
She loves this little kitty
I think Nemo likes her too
Cousin Bethany and Savvy

Savvy loving the football, makes her dad proud!

Do you love this face as much as I do?
"On Guard"
I just love this picture of Savvy and her Papa Robbins

Sporting the Wedge

Savvy took off with my shoes. I think she walks better in them than I do...haha

"Ready to go, Mom"

Delightful Trouble

Savvy loves watching out the window, she loves having the window down especially!
He does not look happy, and he wasn't
She is happy and pretty goofy
I love how well Judah and Savvy get along, most of the time
They are pretty good about taking turns

Seriously this is pretty much what Judah looks like after every time he eats, it is not fun
Savvy loves her little princess tent
I let Savannah play with these so I could clean up the rest of the house. She LOVED them!
Judah decided to join in...
Nice bum shots right?

They really like playing with their dishes and play food too. When Glenn changes Savvy's diaper her pants do not get returned to her bottom half : )