Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shimmering Bay Jewelry

I just got my jewelry blog up and running a little better since the babies so I wanted to post about it.

I have some great new products and I am planning on adding to it again here soon, check it out and let me know what you think!!! : )

Savannah and Judah

The were both watching Beauty and the Beast and Loving IT!

Savannah is a little reader! She likes when we read to her and she loves to go off by herself and "read" places.

I love that I can put ponytails in Savannah's hair! She is getting so big!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Savannah and Friends

Savannah has two stuffed animals that she carries around throughout the house. Mr. Bear (Annette and Shaun got her) and Tiggie(short for Tigger) (Glenn bought her) Over a few days I would find one of her stuffed animals in various places that she goes. She makes me laugh! I am glad I got pictures of them!

Mr. Bear in the Bouncer

Tiggie in the High Chair

Mr. Bear in the Saucer

Mr. Bear in the High Chair

and the corn by the ice and water machine....
She can barely reach it as she stretches as far as she possibly can

How to Live Happy-Checklist

True Happiness

True happiness comes from following Christ’s example and developing Christlike attributes such as obedience, goodness, honesty, gratitude, humility, love, charity, and forgiveness. It comes from serving others and helping them to follow Jesus Christ. It comes from controlling the appetites of our human bodies and following the promptings of the Spirit. It comes from working hard and having a healthy lifestyle, friends, family, and personal achievements. Our Heavenly father's Plan - We can find happiness

Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Live Happy-Make a "Collage to Become"

I decided for my Seventh Challenge that I would challenge you all to make a Collage to Become, in other words make a collage of characteristics that you want to become. This is the one I made. Sometime it is just nice to remind ourselves who we want to be and strive to become that person. In my last Young Women's General Conference as an actual Young Woman, President Hinckley gave a talk called How Can I Become the Woman Of Whom I Dream? I am sure I will talk about this another time also. But I loved this talk because I loved thinking about this question! That is my next Challenge for you!

Happy Home

This is my new kitchen!!!! and I have to say that every time I look at it, cook in it, or do the dishes(yes doing the dishes is now a positive) I am so grateful and excited! and I LOVE how much storage space there is! And the stove is one of those flat stovetops which is seriously AWESOME! It makes it so easy to clean! This part of my home definitely makes me HAPPY!!

My baby boy is growing up!!

Judah really is such a handsome little guy! He is loving playing with toys, he can roll over both ways, he can sit up by himself on my lap for a long time, but on the floor he still ends up with his little tummy in his lap : ).

Judah, you love to smile and if I giggle at you you giggle back and we do that back and forth for a little while. It is hard to get you to laugh really hard out loud because you get the sound stuck as you inhale, but when you do laugh it is one of my favorite sounds. Judah you love your sister Savannah! You really think she is fun to watch, and she loves you too!

Is this the picture of a future heartbreaker or what!?!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Swirling and Twirling

We were cleaning and we had some music and Savannah started following me around so I stopped and started twirling to the song that was on and Savannah started doing it with me! We love this little girl so much!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Cool site I found-Blog Guidebook

I think all of us who read blogs don't just stop with the people we know, sometimes we get sucked in by a link on someone's blog and we are "meeting" new people through their blogs! Well I found this site called The Blog Guidebook ( and I LOVE it! Blogs are sorted and posted into categories and it is easy to find the things you are interested in, I tend to go to the blogs about home decor and the jewelry section. It is really fun! and I love seeing other women's creativity!!!

Just thought I would share!

Happy Home

This is my new centerpiece on my table. the thing I love most about this is the different shades of green with the splash of orange. I didn't realize how much I loved decorating with green until I had my own home and everything is based around green. I am trying to change this by adding different colors. But it is fun to go back to a green palette for a time with my centerpieces, I did make sure to add a bright color with it though.

Our new apartment is on the bottom right-hand side. I LOVE it at home!!

I will make sure to add more pictures of the inside in just a little bit!