Friday, September 30, 2011

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

I love this! I seriously learned a bunch of new ways that I like! (I don't like all of them, but most of them I do)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unforgettable Mistake

Okay, so this will probably be one of my favorite mommy moments! I have been stressed out the past couple days because I have been so worried about Judah. He has been doing this head shaking thing. You know when a baby eats baby fruit like peaches, and it is a little tart and so they do the little head shake? Well Judah has done that when he is eating but the scary part is that he has been doing it when he is not eating. It sort of looks like a bobble head. I have been stressing out over it because I thought maybe something was wrong with my sweet little Judah and I even started crying when I was talking to Glenn about it.
I talked to the doctor about it when I took Savannah in for an appointment and he said that it was probably just a slight problem with his nerves connecting to his muscles. But that if it increased he wants to know. That very afternoon he did it again and then the next day. Then I was really scared. The strange thing was that Judah was developing normally in a lot of other ways. He has been making new noises and learning new toys. So it was really hard to know what was going on. Glenn gave us both a blessing and said Judah would be fine and comforted me. But I was still thinking about it quite a bit and thought maybe I should take him in to see the doctor since he had done it twice in 24 hours and that was pretty frequent and I thought back to how many times he has done it and it was probably about 9 times in a month and when I thought of that it seemed really frequent. This has all happened the past three days. Today I was going to call but I was sitting on the couch talking to Judah who was standing by the couch and all of the sudden he did the shake thing. But instead of worrying this time, something clicked in my head. I must have nodded my head. So I did it again. and he did it again! Because his little neck muscles are still developing, what I thought looked like a spasm was really Judah learning how to nod his head! LOL! He has never shaken his head no so I didn't recognize it for what it was and most kids don't know how to nod their heads when they're not developed all the way. So I grabbed my camera and started coaxing him and this is the video I got. I am so grateful my little Judah Boy is healthy and happy and nothing is wrong. I just love this little guy so much!!!

A New Friend

I didn't get the best picture of it but he was giving the BIGGEST kisses to his new friend in the mirror : )

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Savvy Time

I went to get Savannah out of her bed and I found her after she had pulled her little princess tent into her crib with her. Little Monster. : )

Glenn was sharing his caramel apple sucker with Savannah and she bit down and would not let go of it : )

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Little Stories

Yesterday Savannah, Judah, and I were just playing around, Judah did something cute and Savannah told him, "Good Girl!" I didn't even correct her, I just started laughing. (I will have to fix that eventually if she continues : ) )
Savannah can now say Judah all the way, I love when Judah does something funny and she giggles as she says "Judah".
Judah loves to stand! He will use anything to pull himself up to a standing position, Savannah doesn't love it when he uses her to pull himself up. : )
Savannah still LOVES going outside. When she wants to go she will bring Glenn or I our shoes. One time she even tried to put Glenn's flip flops on him. And she says "Shoes, shoes" over and over as she brings them to us.
Savannah has changed up the way she gives kisses, when she blows a kiss she just pretty much smacks her face with her hand over and over again, which is funny because she used to do it right all the time : ) and now when she gives big kisses she turns her head to the side, I think we might need to steer her away from those....Glenn and I were talking about it and he turns to Savannah and says "You better not give your kisses away as much as your mother did"(he thinks it was some ridiculous wasn't) and then turns to Judah and says, "You can kiss as much as you want". It was funny and I let them know he was just joking. I hope he is getting all of this out of his system before they can actually understand him.
I went into Savannah's room to see what she was up to and when I walked in I said her name and I scared her so bad she started crying. I go in there to check on her all the time so it should not have been such a surprise, but as I was comforting her I realized she got startled because she was pulling all her clothes out of the drawers, which she knows is naughty, and that is why she got so scared. It was pretty funny.
I was babysitting some kids that are from Zambia, how cool is that, one was 6 months and the other 2 years old. (so yes that meant I had a 6 month old, a 9 month old, a 19 month old, and a 2 year old all at the same time, yes it was crazy!!) anyway the 2 year old, William and Savannah loved just running up and down the hallway giggling the whole way! Judah stayed at the hallway entryway smiling but wondering what they were doing. It was really cute, she did take an awesome nap after that, thankfully.
Our printer that is on the floor has an enemy and that enemy's name is Judah. Whenever we try to print something for school or for a lesson he jets over there as fast as he can. and when the printer is off he pulls the little thing that the paper lays on right out, it is amazing he knows exactly how it works. I think our printer would love a new home haha.
We called Savannah over to have family prayer one night, she comes over and plops her face straight down on the ottoman and just sits it there for a second. It was so funny because I know pretty much every adult has done that at some time but it was funny to see a little baby do it.
And my favorite thing Savvy does is when she gets excited and says "WowWowWow!!!" all connected like that, it is adorable!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Grammy Gavin

I am hoping as time goes by we get better at is not looking good....but Happy Birthday Grammy Gavin!!!


Glenn is in an intramureal football league at BYU. We went to his game for the first time this last Tuesday and this was Judah the WHOLE time. He just watched them run back and forth, he didn't fuss at all and I just kept him in the car seat the whole game because it sat him up a little so he could see better and he was so happy!! He just LOVES watching his dad play football!

What a loveable boy!!

this is Savannah's photography : )

They Are So Busy!

Savannah and Judah really love playing together. Grammy Robbins got them this toy and they LOVE it! They love sitting in it together like this. This picture really does make me so happy because it will always remind me of how good of friends they have always been.

Grammy Gavin got Savannah this Magnadoodle and she loves it! She is so focused!

And Judah is just playing with a spoon. haha. They are both teething, yup at the same time(I basically don't sleep anymore. There were EIGHT wake up moments last night between the two of them in a 7 hour time period, so yes I am suffering from a lack of sleep : ) )but he loves chewing on his baby spoon.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Centerpiece

I really like how this one turned out : ) I love FALL!

Savannah's Illegal Artwork

I was on the phone with my mom and went around the corner to put something in the kid's room and I found Picasso..a.k.a. Savannah drawing all over the hallway wall. Time Out soon followed. It came off luckily but she had a serious talking to...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Empty Space

I have this space above my tv area that is bare! I had no idea what to do with it and truthfully did not have any money to put towards doing anything with it anyway. But Glenn's Mom brought these with her when she came to visit because she had not been using them and wondered if I would like to have them. and of course I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THEM!

I spray painted them black. I printed some pictures off the internet, seriously that is where I got them, and here we are! (I know I need to clean the mirror. I will do that right after this, I promise!)

I don't know if the pictures really give it justice. In fact I don't think they do. Just trust me that it looks great! I am really happy that it turned out. and cost=$0

Planes and Trains

I got these from my friend Sara Harding, who makes them. You can find them here she makes custom posters too! I just love them! I put them up in Judah's room, I am slowly invading Glenn's office to become Judah's bedroom. I just put them on canvas so they stuck out from the wall a little. and I left the staples showing on the side because I felt like it gave a little more texture and added to the "boyness" of it at.

They don't look straight on the wall, but they are I just had trouble getting the pose because the desk was in the way. : )

Never For Their Real Use

Savannah and Judah love playing in their bedroom, recently they got a tent from their Grammy Gavin and I found them in it, not the normal way people use tents but their own way. I think she likes it on its side so she can see everything but she still has it over her head too. (she does use it the way it was made also...)

Savannah doesn't realize that at this time Judah is more interested in his blanket them in hugging her back. I really am grateful that they just play and have fun together, they really do love each other!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Become the person that you'd make the hero if you were writing a book. Become the hero to your own life story.
Ashley LeMieux

Sometimes we get caught up in what we wish we could be, for example, if I could have one of my dream jobs I would be a broadway singer, nerdy huh. Well, I am probably pretty accurate when I say that I will never fulfill that dream. But the interesting thing about this quote is that it doesn't say fulfill whatever dreams you have. It says be the type of hero you would describe if you were writing a book. I think sometimes when we picture who would be the hero in our book, we might admire qualities in them that we think we don't have. The great thing about this life is that we have the opportunity to obtain characteristics that we admire in others but we do not necessarily see in ourselves. Emily S. Richards was asked to speak in a Relief Society Meeting by Sister Eliza Snow, she just stood there and could not say a word. Sister Snow said "Never mind, but when you are asked to speak again, try and have something to say." and she did. Emily Richards continued to improve in her ability to speak publicly and eventually ended up speaking in the 1889 National Woman Suffrage Association in Washington D.C.. Just like Emily we can aspire to be something that we might not have been born with. But I know as we go to God and seek His help we can change any weakness to become our strength. If we want to be a courageous hero, we can start trying to do things that are scary for us. If we want to be the wise hero, we can start listening to others and thinking first before we act and speak. As we adjust the little things to become the "hero" in our story we will one day discover we are that hero.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Seasons of Love

I have always liked fall time. When I saw this little poster I realized these were a lot of the reason why I like it. (except change the latte to wassail..) and Football was not an exciting part of my life until this year actually! I became a BYU fan and I REALLY love watching the games. (we better beat the U of U this weekend or I am going to be really sad) I love the weather, I love that the holidays are just around the corner. And because Summer is over and school starts for so many people, it is kind of like a renewing feeling, like a time to set new goals.

Yarn Bracelet

Bracelet- 33 cents (Michael's Clearance)


Add some yarn....

You have a Yarn Bracelet


Bling Bling

Grammy Gavin and Aunt Chelsea brought Savannah some jewelry, she keeps bringing me her earrings to put on her everyday. We even had to wear them during Sacrament Meeting but they went back in the bag for Nursery Time.

Message for Grammy Gavin

Grammy Gavin just became a teacher, so we wanted to tell her how happy we were for her, but it proved to be a little harder than anticipated : )

She just woke up so her hair is a little crazyish : )

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sometimes Projects Don't Go Well....

I was making a tote out of some fat quarters.....

This is how it was supposed to be..with handles at the top

I was not paying attention to what I was doing and ended up sewing the bottom at the wrong spot according to how I meant the pattern to go so instead of the purple diamond pattern being a strip in the middle it is a section on the left. Haha, sometimes these things happen : ) at least it is not ruined altogether!

Craft Time!

Remaking slap bracelets. I think they turned out better in person than the photos show.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Marshmallow Thief

Savannah and I were sitting at the table today while I was writing in my journal and Savannah was 'writing' in her book. I gave her a little handful of mini marshmallows. While we were sitting there I snatched a little marshmallow from her and ate it. She looked at me and grabbed the rest in her hand and shoved them into her mouth! (she had been very good before that, just putting them in one at a time) When she thought she might lose another she decided all at once was the way to go!
She sat there looking at me with her mouth filled to the brim with marshmallows as if she was saying, "Go get your own". So funny!

Things That Make Me Happy (1)

the smell after it rains
getting both eye lashes just perfect
coming up with a good idea
making something
finishing a good book
setting a goal and keeping it
when my daughter calls me momma
a new outfit
date night with my husband
being outside at dawn or at dusk
losing weight
family night
being a part of BYU
how I feel after a workout
making a delicious, creative meal
getting someone else excited about something I am excited about

Milk Mess

I had bathed Savannah Saturday night, Sunday morning I put her hair back in a headband to keep her as clean as possible so we could get ready for church afterwards. It is a good thing I did, because this is what I got!...a Half Circle of milk dripping across her forehead. Oh Savannah : )

Friday, September 2, 2011

New Jewelry, Yes Please : )

I made this bracelet yesterday, I themed the colors around the ocean. I really LOVE how it turned out. I am pretty sure it is my favorite bracelet right now.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mastering TheToy Box

Judah does such a good job pulling himself up to stand by things. He has recently found the Toy Box.

I think he is pretty happy with his discovery!