Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Become the person that you'd make the hero if you were writing a book. Become the hero to your own life story.
Ashley LeMieux

Sometimes we get caught up in what we wish we could be, for example, if I could have one of my dream jobs I would be a broadway singer, nerdy huh. Well, I am probably pretty accurate when I say that I will never fulfill that dream. But the interesting thing about this quote is that it doesn't say fulfill whatever dreams you have. It says be the type of hero you would describe if you were writing a book. I think sometimes when we picture who would be the hero in our book, we might admire qualities in them that we think we don't have. The great thing about this life is that we have the opportunity to obtain characteristics that we admire in others but we do not necessarily see in ourselves. Emily S. Richards was asked to speak in a Relief Society Meeting by Sister Eliza Snow, she just stood there and could not say a word. Sister Snow said "Never mind, but when you are asked to speak again, try and have something to say." and she did. Emily Richards continued to improve in her ability to speak publicly and eventually ended up speaking in the 1889 National Woman Suffrage Association in Washington D.C.. Just like Emily we can aspire to be something that we might not have been born with. But I know as we go to God and seek His help we can change any weakness to become our strength. If we want to be a courageous hero, we can start trying to do things that are scary for us. If we want to be the wise hero, we can start listening to others and thinking first before we act and speak. As we adjust the little things to become the "hero" in our story we will one day discover we are that hero.


Tylers story said...

That was very deep, but I like it!

Alicia said...

So true. I can't tell you how many times I have been scared to death (and wished I could just have a "spanking instead") But I just took a deep breath and went ahead, and at least had a learning experience, it was so much easier the next time. Sometimes I think we hesitate to do things because of an anticipated outcome that turns out to be false. "GOD DOES NOT CALL THE QUALIFIED, HE QUALIFIES THOSE HE CALLS."