Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Craft Time!

Remaking slap bracelets. I think they turned out better in person than the photos show.


Lisa said...

Those are cute! I will be posting mine tomorrow!

Alicia said...

Oh! That's what they are for. A funny thing happened. 2 weeks ago Lisa asked me if I got the slap bracelets from you, I said "no" because I didn't see you put them in my trunk. When I found them I showed your dad what they were by holding up one of the packages. We went to drop some other stuff off at Lisa's with them. Your dad only got that one package out to give to her. Nest time I show him something I'll pick up all of them at once. He picked up the one package that was in a pile with the others and claimed that he never saw any more than the one package. Just too funny!