Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rocking Horses and Kisses in Bed

She LOVED rocking on the rocking horse!

On Mother's Day we went to my parent's house to visit, my dad got the rocking horse out for Savannah(my Great Grandfather built it!) My dad held onto her most of the time because it was kind of high for her. After they rocked about five times back and forth all of the sudden Savannah says really loudly and happily OH-KAAAY!!! It was the clearest and loudest she has ever said any word. It was so cute, I was seriously brimming with joy that she had said something so precisely and was so adorable. A great Mother's Day present!!


In our new home...
We thought when we moved in that all of the utilities were on because the water was on and the air conditioning was on. But apparently the gas was not! We found that out our first night there when we went to shower that night because we were dirty and sweaty from the move. Cold showers are painful. : )
It has also been pretty stormy and kind of chilly here lately, at least it is when you don't have any heat. Throughout the night one of the two kids were up every hour, probably because they were uncomfortable because they were I didn't get much sleep, Glenn let me have a couple hours in the morning to kind of make up for the nighttime. After a little bit he brought Savannah in to me to get warmed up, she laid with me in bed and really did not move for twenty minutes just enjoying the warmth. When we she done she lifts herself up and kisses me three times on my mouth and then jumps up to go. It was like she was saying thanks for warming me up mom! I really loved that moment!!


When Savannah was first playing in our new place she started talking as she would step in place a couple times and then walk a few steps and then step in place a couple times and walk a few steps...I think she likes the new carpet : )

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