Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Fun

Sword fighting with Gramma Gavin's decoration sticks....they did this all on their own. The decoration now lives in the garage : )
 Aunt Jean gave Savvy her extra tennis visor and she LOVES it!
Something else she loves, what are we going to do when she doesn't have the dogs to chase and smother to death every day?
 Flashcards! We love them, so many uses!

 Do you love the hair, he always gets pretty good cowlicks...
  Glenn was reading and Judah just came over and sat on his shoulder for a while, it was so funny!
Watching princesses on
Gramma gave her some cups to play with and she put them together in this perfect all by herself! Good job Savvy!
 Judah does great with the smiling part but doesn't like the flash...hahaha
 More fun learning, we went over our shapes...I love cheap, fun projects!


Steve and Nicole said...

The sword fighting pictures are precious, they look like the best of friends. And her braid! How adorable.

You are such a fun/good mom with all those fun activities you are doing! I have to learn some lessons from you.

Lisa said...

Her Braid looks way cute! I love how you find inexpensive things to do for them. You are so creative! :)