Sunday, July 31, 2011

Savvy Moment

I have to wake Savannah up at 6:00 am on Sundays so that she can be tired enough for a nap by 8:30-9 so that she can make it all the way through church, which starts at 11 and goes until 2. This morning I was sewing a skirt while she was watching Beauty and the Beast and I sneezed. She started laughing and then started pretending to sneeze over and over again. It was really cute.

Yesterday we went to Salt Lake because my extended family wanted to do a craft day. (awesome!) So Glenn and Savannah went to Brandon and Lisa's with the other Dads and Kids. They went swimming and Savannah just loved it! She is like a fish and she is not afraid of anything! Which is not always a good thing.... But they had a really good time.

This is a Hazel moment, (Hazel is my niece, and she is 3 years old) they were in the car driving and she started talking about a gray truck in front of them, but she kept calling it black, so my brother Josh explained that it was a Gray truck. Hazel's response was,"This is how I say gray, "Black"." pretty funny.

Savannah will now say Please but it comes out "peas" She is usually asking for me to fill up her little cup that has the straw built in. Not because she wants a drink but because she wants to blow bubbles in it. : ) She spills it all over the kitchen floor and Judah lays right by her so that he can splash in the water with his hand. They think they have a pretty good system going. (the clean up crew a.k.a. mom isn't as thrilled about it, haha)

Savannah is doing so good with her prayers now, she will fold her arms but just until we actually start praying and then of course it is playtime again. But she is adorable at the end because when we say "amen" she says "namen". I really love the stage she is in right now!

Glenn's cousin Eric is dating a girl, and it is a little more serious, they have gotten to the point of their relationship where they have some disagreements. Eric called Glenn and Glenn gave his "All women are crazy speech" to him (the one he has given all of his good friends right before they end up getting married) so I text him afterwards to give him the addendum to the speech which is, "We might be crazy but you men drive us there" and Glenn was trying to stop me so we ended up wrestling on the floor over the phone and he was tickling me, Savannah came over to make sure I was laughing and that he wasn't hurting me because she really has never seen anything quite like that before, (side note-I love that she was protective!) and when she saw I was smiling and laughing she jumped on both of us to join in. It was really fun, I really love playing with my family.


Brooke said...

Cute stories, I love that you are on top of writing them down, I never remember to.

.Chrissy said...

Lisa is much better than I am so I am taking lessons from her lol