Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Woman of Christ In A World That Would Have You Be Otherwise

Be a woman of Christ.
Cherish your esteemed place
in the sight of God.
He needs you.
This church needs you.
The world needs you.
A woman's abiding trust in God
and unfailing devotion to
things of the Spirit have always
been an anchor when the wind and
the waves of life were fiercest.
I say to you what the Prophet Joseph
said more than 150 years ago
"If you live up to your privileges
the angels cannot be restrained from
being your associates."
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Ensign Nov 2005
I keep this quote in my scriptures. This quote brings a sort of empowerment to me, especially because I believe that the winds and waves are trying to distract us from the Lord. We have so many opportunities in our generation that we often set aside our devotion to things of the Spirit. It is easy to become one of the foolish virgins instead of the wise without even realizing that we've done it, this quote helps to remind me to fill my lamp.
I decided to read The Book of Mormon in a month. I am reading the "trade edition" which is a little closer to a novel format. My goal is to read 20 pages a day. I started on July 10th. My challenge is to pick a spiritual goal, start where it feels most comfortable for you, it may be to read 3 scriptures a day. Or pray for an entire 5 minutes. or you might be able to read The Book of Mormon in 2 weeks. Reread the quote above and choose something that will help you to be an anchor for Christ.
" small means the Lord can bring about great things."
1 Nephi 16:29

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