Monday, April 18, 2011

How to Live Happy-Become Friends with Someone Different than You

Third Challenge BECOME FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE DIFFERENT THAN YOU I think when we make friends, we generally look for someone who is similar to us, or has similar likes...naturally......because when we find something we both like it is easier to talk to each other. But some of the best things I have learned in life have come from people completely opposite of myself. Here is a lesson from my life, don't be too disappointed, I was still learning and I know I don't come out looking all that great from this story, but I am really happy for this experience because it has changed me, which I will explain after... I used to work at a restaurant called Passages and I did the breakfast shift for a little while, we had hired a new girl named Alice. When she came she had really bright red/pink hair..with brown roots about two inches deep and bright red lipstick. We had music in the back and she listened to really weird Indie music and she read really corny teeny bopper books...I thought she was REALLY WEIRD... At the breakfast shift there was alot of downtime the day that we worked together. Over time I came to love that girl! It happened slowly as she would tell me what she liked and why she liked it, and as she told me funny stories. I came to love her corky opinions and more carefree and outgoing styles. The best lesson I learned from her was not to judge someone so quickly, not to decide we weren't going to get along because we were too different. I came to really appreciate the things she liked because SHE LIKED THEM, even if I didn't. I will always be grateful for Alice and the priceless lesson and friendship we had. I have been so open now to being EVERYONE's friend, knowing that I will learn from them and enjoy their friendship because of who they are. Also learning what they struggle with and what may be hard for them, has helped me to be more compassionate and really makes you realize that everyone has a hard time with certain things and not with other things but you end up feeling a love for them and hoping that their trial can be relieved in some way. And sometimes we have the ability to alleviate some of the pain they may be dealing with. I know that this challenge can be a little scary, reaching out to people who may have that same belief that,"we are not alike and would not get along" but I know that as you do, you can change hearts! Good luck!

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