Monday, August 1, 2011

To learn from....

My Sister-In-Law, Lisa comes up with THE cutest ideas to do with her little daughter Audrey(who is 3 years old) Recently they decided to pick a "person of the week" from all of their family and do something cute for them. Last week Audrey drew Savannah's name out of the bowl. She got a couple balloons, a drawing by Audrey, and a candy bar. There was a card that went with it and inside the balloons were little pieces of paper rolled up...

Robbins Dictionary
one who is inflated with love(because she had given her balloons)

related words:
funny, happy, beautiful, smart

Inside one balloon-Audrey's favorite things about Savannah

"I share books" meaning Audrey likes to share books with Savannah
"I like smiling at her"
"I like her smile"
"She laughs at me"
and a scribble one which is probably a special secret between Audrey and Savannah

Inside the other balloon-Lisa's favorite things about Savannah

"I love how smart you already are. You will definitely have a bright future ahead of you."
"You are so beautiful Savannah"
"I love her cute personality"
"I love how much you like attention"
"I hope all your dreams come true"

I know that Savannah was so excited for this little gift! She definitely loves the candy bar I am letting her eat a little at a time. and now she will have this to remember forever. Thank you Audrey and Lisa! You are so thoughtful and loving!


Mandy said...

That is just the CUTEST idea and I loved hearing all the details. Inspired! :) And your skirts=A-DOR-ABLE!!

Lisa said...

You are sweet for posting this. It was fun making it for her.