Monday, August 29, 2011

Re-Do-Two Problems, One Answer

I know these pieces look familiar because of my most recent centerpiece. {1}I came to the decision that although I really liked the individual parts of the centerpiece, I did not like how it all came together. That was my first problem that I was thinking about today. {2}My second problem came as I realized how annoying it was to not have a very good place to keep our scriptures and our hymn book. We use them everyday and it is kind of annoying to have them just sitting on the table all the time. I was thinking about these two things I wanted to fix this morning when I realized I still had a shelf that I have not put up wince our move. So I spray painted it black and ta da...a happy solution to both problems. and it took up some one my big empty space on that wall. It was really a solution for {3} problems!~

Now I just have to do another centerpiece...those pictures are coming soon! : )


Alicia said...

Happy Happy! Also, feel free to paint the chair black too (the old one) It will need some sanding so the paint will stick, but otherwise it will be great in black.

.Chrissy said...

You are right! It would look awesome!!! I will need to do that! : )

Lisa said...

That is such a great idea, especially to keep away from the kids too!