Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Savannah and Judah Chronicles

I really like Savannah's little ponytails! She looks so cute!

Do you love the bummcrack shot? Lately these two have been inseparable! Whenever Judah wakes up from a nap Savannah always greets him by saying "Hi Ja" It is really cute!

I love how they do everything together now, they play together, eat together, giggle together. I love that they are such good friends!

Judah is my new DVD Terror! He likes to sit up in front of the tv stand and pull all of them out. Of course right after Savannah has pretty much grown out of that stage : )

Judah really is getting into EVERYTHING now! He just smiles at me and thinks he is going to get away with anything!

I think Savannah learned a new word from nursery. She keeps saying "Go Away" to anyone or anything in her way(like the big ball that she wanted moved, she told that to go away too!) Not a fan of that phrase. But I am happy that she is starting to talk more.

Savannah loves climbing up on chairs now, especially when Judah is in the high chair she thinks it is a ton of fun to get up there and eat with him.

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Lisa said...

I love her hair in ponytaiils too! She is so cute in them. How cute that they love to play together! They loook so much alike in that last picture!