Friday, August 12, 2011

Never Feel Inferior

You need never feel inferior.

You need never feel that you were

born without talents or without

opportunities to give them expression.

Cultivate whatever talents you have

and they will grow and refine and

become an expression of your

true self appreciated by others.

Gordon B. Hinckley

One Bright Shining Hope pg 55

I really love this quote! In a world where we as women are constantly battling self confidence, it reminds me God doesn't want us to feel that way and it breaks His heart that we put ourselves down constantly when He knows just how amazing we are and how we can become!


Alicia Robbins said...

So true. When people like the things I do and express that they can't, I always tell them that they didn't see the bloopers I made while I was learning to do that thing. It just took a determination not to give up.

Lisa said...

I really really love that quote! I kind of feel like that relates to me right now for some reason. I also really love what you said too! Just remember that you truly are amazing Chrissy! Everything about you!