Thursday, August 25, 2011

Playtime, Frogs, and Giggling

For some reason Judah loves playing with his carseat but one time he pulled the carseat over covering all of him except his little legs were sticking out. It was funny but I didn't get a picture because he didn't think it was funny : )

He is so HAPPY! : )

Savannah is a fan of pens(she isn't as good with colored pencils or crayons because she doesn't push hard enough). After letting her play with the pens(which I know is not the best idea) and her notepad she had pen marks ALL OVER haha. She had them on her face on her neck on her legs. She had a great time!!

I was wearing my hat today because I had to drive Glenn to school to study for the LSAT and I hadn't got ready all the way, Savannah pulled the hat off my head and put it on hers! I love the picture above!!

I just wanted to get a video of Judah and what he is like at this age. I love that he bites on his finger, it is so cute, and he really does still leap instead of crawl. He looks like a little frog!

I was taking videos of the two of them this morning because I just want to capture this age for both of them and I am glad I did. Judah can get Savannah to laugh harder than anyone else! and this is the hardest I have ever heard her giggle.


Pace and Juliana said...

What an adorable little giggle! And that frog leap is too cute! Your kids are adorable!

Mandy said...

Oh my goodness= ADORABLE!!! They are BOTH so cute. The laughing youtube gave me a perma smile and Judah's leap is hilarious. Brightyn does a unique crawl too.....I love when kids find their "own" way to do things. Pretty dang cute kids you have!! You are such a great mom!

Lisa said...

They are so cute! I especially love that first picture of Savannah in the green. Such a great color on her!

Alicia said...

Just a note: If she marks on her clothes with the pen, you can use rubbind alcohol to get it out.