Monday, January 30, 2012

Sister's Conference

It was another successful Sister's Conference!! Unfortunately I didn't remember to get pictures with everyone here and only snatched up a few at the end...

These are the handouts from everyone, I always make a folder with the theme on it to put all the papers in.
We learned how to make these covered button earrings! They were really easy and turned out really cute!
This is my table layout with the programs and handouts for them.
Jacque taught us how to make the most delicious dessert crepes EVER! We tried Lemon Butter Sugar Crepe(don't let the ingredients throw you off, it was so good!) Almond Cream with Raspberry (I ate the leftover almond cream right out of the bag!) and Nutella and Banana...can't go wrong there!! They were so good and Glenn was happy he made it back with Savvy in time to eat some too!!
This is the aftermath...

We started off with a hymn, know the usual. Kensie shared with us two quotes that mean a lot to her personally. Press Forward 2 Nephi 31:20 is the motto she and her husband, Mitch, chose for their family. She also shared an amazing quote from Elder Holland teaching us that although sometimes people in our lives fail us, the love of Jesus Christ never will! ***Kelli shared with us the summary of The Secret Journal of Brett Colton by Kay Lynn Magnum. It was a book that had inspired her in high school and I am sure it will inspire all of us as we read it!***
I asked Katie to share with us her favorite recipe and she chose Pepperoni Chicken(if it connected to pizza you can never go wrong....that is my personal motto...haha) But the really fun part was the recipe card she made for us was not decorated with cute paper but with cute duct tape!! So creative. ***I don't know how many of you already know Merrick White, if you are on Pinterest and you ever look at DIY fashion then you have probably seen her. She has a fashion blog that mainly deals with repurposing clothing and do it yourself sewing projects! I love her blog because she really does put outfits together that the average girl would wear!! Check out her blog! She shared with us 10 ideas for Fashion Motivation and showed us some pieces that she had altered and how to wear them! ***
We did our earrings next. It was a pretty quick craft but really fun! ***Then Candice gave us a copy of the words to Bruno Mars' song Just The Way You Are. She talked about the struggles she had with a big surgery she had to have and the effects it had on her body and the feelings she has as her wonderful husband compliments her and as the song says "I know when I compliment her she won't believe me" and coming to know that she really is beautiful..just the way she is. Everyone loved that she chose a song that was on the radio everyday that we may not have taken the words to heart all the way yet.***Ali had our next assignment...and everyone was glad Ali had it and not them! Two weeks ago I asked her to pick a goal, any goal, to accomplish by Sister's Conference and then talk about it and talk about goals for a few minutes. She shared with us a handout that said "today-what did I do for MY MIND? MY BODY? MY SPIRIT? MY RELATIONSHIPS MY CREATIVITY AND PASSION?" She talked about setting goals to strengthen all parts of your life and not letting yourself get wrapped up in just one thing. She focused on building relationships in her family and talked about calling specific members in her family just to see how they were doing. She also gave us a handout with several quotes about goals and what particular one stuck out to me "Set your goals-without goals you can't measure your progress. But don't become frustrated if the victories don't come quickly or easily. Remind yourself that striving can be more important than arriving..." Marvin J Ashton. ***Every Conference I have a lesson on Seeing Ourselves As Daughters of God and not as the World Sees Us. The reason I have this lesson every time is because I think Satan's number one weapon against women is telling us we are ugly and imperfect and shoving in our faces anything that he thinks is not as good as someone else. Satan really wants us to devalue ourselves and think, yeah every woman is wonderful and a beautiful daughter of God, except me....Jacque is an amazing, amazing teacher (even though she NEVER believes it either. I am really not just saying that either...she really is one of the best teachers I have ever seen!) She started with giving us an ugly piece of paper with our names mispelled on it and had us go around and say something that Satan tries to tell us as we rip and tear or smash the paper. She then talked about how God sees us and gave us a beautifully embossed white paper with our names on it.*** I briefly talked about the theme which was D&C 58:27-28 For the power is in YOU. I testified that we are given the opportunity to do big things, great things, we just need to choose to do it and ask Heavenly Father for His help. We can think of our talents and something we would love to do to bless others. Our spheres of influence will grow as we are faithful with the stewards we have and seek to serve others! *** We ended with a closing prayer and song, As Sister's in Zion, and then had our dessert lesson and enjoyed the fruits(we had fruit...: ) ) of Jacque's labor(she filled in for someone who couldn't make it last minute) It was a wonderful day and what an awesome way to start Saturday!! I am grateful to all the sisters who were a part of our Sister's Conference for sharing their time, testimonies, and talents.


Mandy said...

I am so sad I missed this one...that's what happens when you move far away I suppose. :) What fun things y'all the covered earrings and the girl's blog link you sent on fashion...made me want to shop. You are so great Chrissy! Sounded uplifting and refreshing!!

Jacque said...

It was so fun and so well put together. I am very impressed with you doing stuff like this. Can't wait for the next one and thanks again for being so great!