Friday, January 20, 2012

Judah turns One Years Old

This is the cake I made for Judah

This is the aftermath : ) He did a good job!!

Olivia was asking about how the cake was made and when I explained that I used chocolate mold she became very concerned having never heard of chocolate mold(fungus) but was relieved to learn the other meaning of the word mold : )

Dad was sneaking some of Judah's cake all night! Judah was pretty mellow although he enjoyed the cake I think he would have rather been in bed.


Steve and Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Judah! He is such a handsome baby and I love the cake! You are so creative...and the comment about the mold was so funny. We should get the kids together sometime this winter. I know Tate would lvoe playing with them

GSK said...

Chrissy, just got caught up on reading your blog! Have you been able to access mine? I love you and your family! I miss you so much and I have been thinking about you! Amazing job with Judah's cake! I wish I had that talent! Love ya!

Brooke said...

Wow, he is already one? That went so fast! Such a cute cake! Looks like he had a fun birthday. He is sure a cute little birthday boy!