Monday, January 9, 2012

More Little Stories

Judah is our little walker now but sometimes he still crawls. It makes me laugh every time when he grabs his sippy and holds it in his mouth with his teeth and starts crawling off somewhere with the sippy wagging back and forth.

Yesterday Judah was having a really cranky day. Glenn and I had had about enough by around 6 pm and were sitting in the couch in front of where he was sitting. He was just fussing and whining a bit when all of the sudden he just gave an exasperated look and fell backwords. It was hilarious, he didn't brace himself or anything. It was really funny.

Sacrament was a little crazy start with I was reaching the bread over to Glenn when Savannah puts her hand in the tray and as I am whispering "Make sure she only takes one" Savannah starts scooping up a bunch of pieces. Glenn tried to get as many out of her hands before she pulled away but she did make it out with 3 pieces. The two couples behind us were laughing pretty hard. Then I had somehow forgot to get Judah's bottles in the bag and Judah was being so awful that Glenn took him home and got the bottles and then came back. but while he was gone Savannah was standing in between the pews just drawing when all of the sudden she bends over in half and I hear the wonderful noise of why she was bending in half. So I grabbed the diaper and wipes and headed to the bathroom to find out that it ended up all over her skirt. We get her all cleaned up and head back to the chapel with just a shirt, diaper, and shoes. (we had cleaned the skirt but now it was wet and so it needed to dry) Glenn gets back and it is time to drop off Savannah to nursery, but there was no nursery leader yet. About 10 minutes later we got that all taken care of and I went home quickly to grab Savannah a new skirt because Glenn was afraid she would get made fun of(in a nursery room with a bunch of other 2 year olds(and younger). (sometimes there is no arguing with him and I just have to go with it. : ) ) So we got her a new skirt and were finally able to sit down and listen to Sunday School(sort of...we still had Judah who just wants to get into trouble : ) )


Steve and Nicole said...

I love your new backgrounds! And all of these stories. You are so patient to deal with all of that at church ha ha

.Chrissy said...

ha yeah sometimes it all hits at once. and thanks I was pretty excited about my new header