Saturday, January 21, 2012

Scrapbook Tree

I made this scrapbook tree for decoration for my upcoming Sister's Conference. It actually looks a lot better in person too. I was pretty excited for how it turned out!


Jacque said...

Oh I really like that! What a great idea. Can't wait for next Saturday.

Tami P said...

Aren't you just so cute!? You are so talented! I am thinking about proposing the idea of a sister's conference with my friends up here now. I never thought of that and I am so glad you thought of tying our mission experience into real life in that way.

.Chrissy said...

Tami-Thanks!! I have LOVED doing them!! and I DEFINITELY think you should do one!! I would love to hear how it goes...and if you have any questions about getting one started call or email me!! love you!