Thursday, July 26, 2012


I gave Savvy three puzzles and a bag of puzzle pieces. She picks one out and finds where it goes, if it doesn't belong to one of these puzzles she sets it behind her. I love this little girl!!

She knows all of her ABC's and is currently learning the phonic sounds. She knows her numbers 1-12. She knows all basic shapes plus some crazy ones like cone, arch, cube, cylinder, octagon, and hexagon. She needs a little work on her colors, yellow is the only one she gets right every time but she knows blue and red and brown and pink too. She says full sentences like "I love you so much!" and "There it is!" She loves to sing Book of Mormon Stories and 3 Little Monkeys. She puts herself in timeout on the stairs when she is upset. She loves her brother and gets so excited when it is time for him to wake up. She loves to jump...into pools...from the stairs into my arms...and up and down on the floor.

Judah has learned to say "Hi" and "eyes". He will eat anything! In Grammy Gavin's room there was an air mattress in the bedroom by her old t.v. I went upstairs to check on the kids because they love to jump on the air mattress. I got there just in time to see Judah fly off the t.v. onto the air mattress with his arms stretched out like superman. I wish I had got it on camera. He is one brave 18 month old! Judah loves his momma! If he is hurt I will pick him up and Glenn will come over to check on him but he pushed Glenn away because he doesn't want him to take him from me. Right now Judah has two puzzle pieces and is banging them together like symbols. Savannah is laying on the ground because she is mad that he took her puzzle pieces...we are still learning to share ; )


Lisa said...

Gosh, reading this just makes me feel so crappy about not teaching Gracey any of that stuff. I was telling Brandon earlier today that I need to start teaching Gracey her colors, numbers, shapes, etc. I did it with Audrey, but for some reason I have been slacking a bit with Gracey. You are doing a great job teaching Savannah those things!

Lisa Robbins said...

I was reading over my comment and realized how that could be taken. It was not meant to make you feel bad at all. It just made me realize what I need to work on and how bad I feel for not putting more of an effort into teaching Gracey those things. Oh and I love that you write down the things they are learning. I was looking back on my posts and I didn't really actually write down things that they have learned as far as stuff that you share. I always had updates about the funny things they did or the funny things they said and occassionally the things they learned. I will have to be better at being more specific about when they learn something new.