Monday, July 9, 2012


Hercules is one of my kids favorite movies. Now every time we watch it, Savannah just sings her little heart out! 

Savannah loves learning! She does really well on her letters and shapes and is working on her numbers now. When we go over her shapes she knows hexagon(which she used to call "whats-a-gon"), square(which she always calls "square it" I don't know why.), circle, oval, rectangle, triangle, heart, star, arch, cube. We are still working on cylinder. If we don't say it first she just calls it, "wha-wha-wha". at least she has down that it is 3 syllables. : )

Glenn got called to be in the nursery, so he gets to play with Savannah and Judah in nursery every week! It is nice to make the transition for Judah because he doesn't like it as much as Savannah did. 

 We were singing Book of Mormon Stories with Savvy and I wanted to get it on video, we kept trying to get a good version and by this last video Savannah told us she had had enough. : )

Judah's new favorite thing is to take his diaper off and pee on the floor. So he is not allowed to go without pants anymore. 

Judah has become our little climber I have to watch him like a hawk whenever he is coloring at the table because every few seconds he tries to get onto the kitchen table. I see a leg go up and if I don't call his name and say no, he thinks it is a green light and jumps right on.

When we go to the park, Savannah is in heaven. She climbs on everything, goes down every slide, climbs heights that make her mom sick : ) She is so brave and NEVER wants to go home : ) Judah is content running around a little but mostly he just loves to sit in the baby swing and go really high. 

Glenn and I have been focused on working out lately. Glenn has even been having me run hill sprints. Which are exactly how they run up a grass hill as fast as you can. It is harder than you think. Glenn and I tag team it, so one person runs around the track and the other stays with the kids, and then we switch. We do this for jogging, hill sprints, and quick sprints. Let me tell you, our kids do not make the experience better...half the time we are chasing them because they decide to run in the opposite direction that we are going and I will tell you, it is so hard to chase them when you are recovering from the exercises you have just done! : )We also have a weight lifting plan that we are doing. I really like it! I am already seeing results! If we can keep it up(which is our hardest thing to do...then we are going to be one "in super shape" couple! : )

This summer we have been waiting to hear back from Goldman Sachs. Glenn has had 12 interviews and 2 written tests for this job. We have been waiting over a month to hear whether Glenn has the job or not, and it is the worst! : ) Waiting stinks. He also submitted a resume to a law firm here in Vegas(to be a paralegal or secretary or something) (the named partner happens to be our Stake Pres) and they said they have a place for us. We heard from GS last week finally, and they said they will "most likely" let us know this week. We just heard that it took one guy 3 months to get hired and he was the first one they called back. ugh... 

We will keep ya updated!

When I get Savannah ready for church or somewhere nice, she loves when Glenn tells her how beautiful she looks, and this last Sunday she LOVED hearing from daddy that she looked just like mommy!

I was doing an ab exercise on the floor about an hour ago, Savannah just laid down on the floor and looked really focused like she was doing some exercise too, haha cute girl

We were trying to get Savannah to come say prayers with us, Glenn decides to make up a song..."come and pray, come and pray, come and pray." and that was it and if you heard the tune you would be laughing. We had a hard time composing ourselves to say the prayer after that.


Alicia said...

Loving these cute stories!!!

Kyrstin said...

Such a good idea to post stories that are going on right then... I might be copying your idea :)

Lisa Robbins said...

All of those stories are so cute!