Monday, November 7, 2011

Sister's Conference

When I got off of my mission I decided I wanted to do a form of Sister's Conference from my mission, which is basically Zone Conference for Girls only...anyway I decided to do one with my family. I live a little far away and so it is not always easy to do them like I want to. So I decided to do one with my friends from my Wymount Ward. It was so fun!!!

I had folders for them with some quotes and papers in them and a place to put all of the handouts we got from the Conference.
We started with an opening song and prayer. Then Nicole started us off with a scripture Moroni 7:47 about Charity~And Shirley shared an awesome Chocolate Zucchini Bread recipe that as she pointed out makes a great breakfast and/or dessert! Then a Fashion segment by Mandy! She even wore a super cute Maxi Skirt she had made for $5! She shared with us some good ideas and ways to "do it yourself".
We made Washer Necklaces for the craft. Marla did a great job showing everybody how to do it!!

Shelise taught us how to make a Pumpkin Tort and seriously it was the BEST pumpkin dessert I have ever had!! I even cheated on my diet to eat some. She makes a great Paula Dean! : )Then Candace shared with us some things she had recently learned and pondered about about the Grace of God that has helped her in her life. Olga shared an inspirational song. Dream Big by Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band. Her story was amazing because she is from Russia and she knows the miracle of dreaming big! coming from a place that has become sort of a trap for those living there and a place with limited opportunities. Being able to come to America and marry the man of her dreams when everyone around her said he didn't exist. She was definitely an inspiration to us all! Robin shared a wonderful book called Beloved Emma and told us of how it helped her in her life overcome a difficult trial and gave her the courage, strength and understanding she needed during a very heartbreaking time.
We then had a lesson by Sarah who helped us try to see ourselves as daughters of God instead of the way the world sees us. She shared some wonderful insights, she has a degree in Psychology or something like that and explained some things to help us keep things in perspective. She shared something specific that I have thought about over and over again since then that has been a huge help for me!

I ended the Conference by encouraging all of us to be great. And to increase our capacity to do good by relying on God and not waiting to be asked to do something to bless others.

It was an amazing Conference!! I am not surprised because of the incredible caliber of those beautiful sisters and friends. It is amazing what we can do! Some have already asked when we can do it again!! The best part is that Aimee couldn't make it but has volunteered to do the next one!! My hope is that these incredible women will continue to influence others in their spheres as they move on and that they will keep this tradition continuing and spreading to others!


Alicia said...

Just so you know. Beloved Emma was written by my cousin Lori (Aunt Grace's daughter) ;-) Small world.

.Chrissy said...

wow!! I forgot! Very cool!

Lisa said...

I think it's awesome that you do something like this! So fun!

Steve and Nicole said...

And it was AMAZING and totally uplifting, thank you so so much again for doing that Chrissy.

Mandy said...

You ARE so creative Chrissy and it was a blast. Also LOVING your Sheri Dew quote.....I would comment on that too...but I have to go back to work... {started a job from 5-7 on the phone while Brightyn is sleeping} Adorable posts. Especially love Savannah's relaxed pose-ha! {and Judah's of course}

.Chrissy said...

Thanks guys! I really loved it!