Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mighty Sword Fight

We had our really good friends The Mayers (Kyle, Shelise, Baby Mayer due in June, Hudson, and Cannon)over for dinner and a sword fight ensued....using foam-like bowling pins. It was so cute to watch Savannah going "Bababababa". Glenn is such a fun dad! What a fun night!


Shelise said...

haha, Cannon, not Cooper. lol. People always get his name wrong, so don't feel bad. lol.

Shelise said...

Oh, and thanks for having us over that night. It was so fun to hang out and I am still thinking of how yummy the dinner was.

.Chrissy said...

Oh Sorry!! My sister in law is having a boy and naming him Cooper and so I have that name in my head lately..It was really so much fun!!