Monday, November 14, 2011

Party Time

Our little friend Owen turned One Years Old!! : ) yay. The kids had fun at his cute little party, well Judah didn't have so much fun right here but the rest of the time he did.
Kensie(Owen's mom) had all the kids come and eat the cake together but only two of the kids were interested, which was a little sad but at least the birthday boy liked it!
Owen got a really cool rocking horse for his birthday so of course Savannah is riding it....(by the way, they both did have real clothes on earlier but we pulled them both down to a onesie so they could eat the cake they didn't want to eat.
The funny part is that she got on and stayed riding like this for like five minutes. She was making everyone laugh and make jokes about how serious of a rider she was and that she was trying to ride as fast as she could.
She finally felt comfortable enough to sit upright on the horse and you can see for yourself the results. Needless to say she is a fan of rocking horses!! : )
Thanks Owen and Kensie for a fun party!

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