Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Holiday Season

First of all you should know that as soon as the first sign of fall hits I start thinking about Christmas Gifts! I don't start listening to Christmas music when it happens, I just start planning and being on the lookout.
But I am one of those people that LOVE the Christmas Season, I really love everything about it! (I know some people don't like the Holiday Season because they think it is too commercialized, maybe I will write about that later but it is enough for me to just say...You get what you put into it and you can't worry about others.)
I love the crispness in the air outside and the wonderful smells and warmth that hits you when you go inside. I love the Christmas Music. I love that it is focused on spending time and making and keeping traditions with family. I love that you get to think about everyone you love and care about and pick something or make something that you hope will bring a smile to their face or a little joy to their day.
This year is a little difficult because we have no money, really! Glenn had to take the summer off from school to study for the LSAT and so we have had a lot less to work with this year than we usually do. It makes it a little difficult to get presents for everyone when your budget is so very limited. But here is the best part, although there are some gifts I wish I was getting for people instead, I am finding ways to do what we can with what we have. I was able to get good enough gifts for everyone on my list, except my parents. There just wasn't any money left. I know that they understand and they never expect anything anyway. (Glenn's parents don't expect anything either, they really are wonderful and amazing but I already have their gifts) I was looking at my pinterest boards today and I finally figured out a fun gift for my mom and a somewhat useful gift for my dad without spending any money. (for those of you who know me really well, you know I have the craziest collection of "stuff" to make things with before I married Glenn) It won't be great, but it is creative and I hope it turns out. My gift for my dad is actually less exciting but I know the thought and effort count for something. I know this is early to be concerned with presents already but when you are making things you have to plan ahead so you have time to get it all done.
As I was thinking about my sort of "scotch tape" Christmas presents for everyone I started thinking that really this is what Christmas is all about...Doing your best to find/make something that, even if it isn't the best present they have received in the whole world, hopefully they know how much thought and care that is put into something for them...that they are loved by Glenn and me. So good luck with your Christmas Shopping out there! And enjoy the true Spirit of Giving.


Lisa said...

I can totally understand about the money situation! But I loved this post. I love this time of year too because of the giving part. I love to see the joy on others faces when they are given something...especially something that came from the heart!

Mandy said...

I COMPLETELY understand your gift giving dilemma with the money issue. I was going to ask you on Sunday what you decided to make your parents because I'm desperately trying to figure out what to do for them. Let me know and maybe I'll copy your inexpensive crafty idea. :)