Saturday, October 26, 2013

Grammy and Papa Visit--Tennis

I pulled some pictures from my mom's is a cute post she wrote

"Last weekend while we were in Vegas, we took Chrissy and the kiddies to Panera Bread (we sure do miss that place, there is NO Panera Bread in Utah, but that is another rant...) As we were coming out I noticed a raggedy looking bird just a couple feet away eating crumbs, he wasn't afraid of us and so Savannah (who has inherited my love of animals) and I just stood still and watched him and talked to him for a while. It was so cute." Alicia Robbins (Grammy)

Grammy and Papa came to watch Savvy play tennis. Judah was extra cranky about not being on the court so I was with him roaming the wild tennis center.

Savannah waiting with Grammy for the car to pick us up.



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