Saturday, October 26, 2013

Grammy and Papa visit -Gilcrease Orchard

"Spent the weekend visiting Chrissy's family in Vegas. Tons of fun with the kiddies. Went to a farm, they did the hay maze, but instead of doing the maze all the kids there just really loved walking on top of the hay, it was fun to see that a bunch of kids took it to a more fun level. Went swimming and laying in the warm sun at Red Rock. Last of the warm summer days for us. Had a wonderful time." Alicia Robbins (Grammy)

 Grammy and Papa came to visit this weekend. They made it in time on Friday to go to Savvy's tennis lesson. We were then able to go to a burger and shake place called Steak and Shake in the South Pointe Casino. It was fun! 
Saturday morning, we sadly had to drop Glenn off at work but the rest of us went to the Gilcrease Orchard. Savvy and Judah loved playing in the hay maze, but maybe I should more accurately say they loved playing ON the haymaze : )
Then we let them run down an orchard path...they loved just being able to run and run and run!

 Judah loved having Papa jump him from one haybale to another! He was giggling so much!

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Brooke said...

That is so fun! I bet they love coming to visit and getting to play. I can't believe how long Savvy's hair is! It's beautiful! I don't think I could ever be patient enough to let Kinsley's get that long.