Saturday, October 26, 2013

Story Time

Savvy Stories
Savvy came in the room carrying something really heavy and said matter-of-factly, "I'm Brave." 
 Savvy drew a picture and told us it was a "Dinosaurus"
Savvy calls a Polar Bear a Pony Bear. It is really cute
Savvy came into the room where Glenn was and told him, "Judah is eating chopsticks" Glenn was a little confused at it and told her to bring what Judah had to him. She comes running in with a chapstick.....that made a lot more sense : )
Savvy sometimes gets after Judah and yells at him, "Judah, stop maked-a-mess!"
Savvy loves to lay down by me and do her "exraycises"..she works really hard too. 
Judah Stories
Judah was climbing on top of a box and saw his shadow on the wall. He thought it was really cool and did a strongman pose flexing his muscles and growled. (and on the wall, they looked quite large ; ))
Judah climbed on my lap with a book a few days ago....I think this is a miracle used to seem like I was torturing him when I tried to read him a book. Kids really do just have their own personalities and their own timing.
Judah's favorite words to say are "Thank you" and "Hi There!" He has the cutest little voice!
We have to limit him ever watching Beauty and the Beast and Lion King because he automatically becomes the main character and it gets a little crazy!
 Judah can carry a ten pound weight from our bedroom closet out to our living room. Glenn and I were doing crunches and he thought he would be helpful and bring me my weight. Judah weighs 30 pounds right now so that is quite impressive.


Rachael Mulder said...

They are so cute. :) I know they keep you busy! That is so funny about Judah finally bringing a book in to you to read him! Haha, he is so funny. :)

Shelise said...

I loved reading all of your updates. I cannot believe how big your kids are. It seems like you guys are doing well. You look great by the way.