Thursday, February 23, 2012

Savvy Moments

Lately when Savannah and I play ball together she has to sit directly in front of me..with our knees touching! Then she tosses the ball into my lap. If I try and slide back she slides forward. It is pretty funny.

When the weather is warm I unlock Savannah's window in the car. She gets so excited when it starts going down. She doesn't mind if it is 45 degrees outside she wants the window down.

We have had fans all over our house for the past week because the neighbor upstairs flooded their laundry room and it flooded into our we had a lot of fun discovering the fan in the living room.

Savvy put Grammy Robbins' bug sunglasses on...I have to admit I think she can pull them off!

Savvy lined up all her dishes on the stairs...a little hazardous : )

1 comment:

Steve and Nicole said...

aw, I love all the little things you blog about. It makes your life with those two cute little ones seem like so much fun!

The dishes lined up on the stairs is hilarious :)