Saturday, February 25, 2012

Moments of Learning

Savvy, Judah and I were hanging out together in the kitchen. Judah tripped over one of Glenn's shoes...Savannah then says "Whoa, are you okay Jujah?" It was the cutest thing ever because whenever either of them have a minor fall that is word for word what I say to them. It is amazing as I watch Savannah pick up things from me. She really is watching me all the time and she does so many things that I do. It is that moment you realize you are at the point everyone talks about with being careful of your actions because your children follow your example.

Savvy says "at you" for Thank you.
She says "Caaawwww" for Color.
Judah loves to laugh, lately he has been going "heh heh heehh" if you understand the sound I am trying to convey here...: )
Judah says "All Done" when he is finished eating!
Savvy's favorite thing to do is push you on the ground to start wrestling with her.
Savvy also likes lotion. When I put some on, she has to have some too.
If I take something away from Savvy that she shouldn't have she yells "wait, wait, wait" at me with a huge emphasis on the T sound.
Savannah makes this funny face after she has talked to you and you respond back, she slowly blinks her eyes closed with her eye brows raised as if she was saying "uh yeah" or "a yeah , I know".
Savannah is talking to me right now holding her hand out and moving it up and down...she is going to talk with her hands just like her momma does. : )
Judah's favorite thing to do is to push buttons on the play station. No matter how many times he gets in trouble for it he keeps going back. I have even placed the ottoman in front of the tv for as long as the kids are awake. I also push the player as far back as it can go. He goes to the side and stretches as far as can so he can grab a cord to pull or push the eject button. It drives Glenn and I crazy.
Every time Judah naps or sleeps after he has finished drinking his sippy he tosses it over the side of his bed. It is as if he says "done with that".
Judah loves when we all huddle in to say prayers, he starts giggling and getting so excited, it is as if he says "hey guys!! what are we doing?!"Judah has been starting to fold his arms for prayer time now. So we have both our kids starting off our family prayer with us...but after we start it the kids try to run away. : )

I love Savannah and Judah so much! They really do make our lives so much fun!


Tami P said...

haha! I laughed so hard when I read that she likes to push people over to show that she wants to wrestle with them! That is so adorable! Your kids sound so cute!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It really is such a fun time that your kids are at...I love watching my kids develop their little personalities.