Thursday, February 23, 2012

Least Favorite Hide and Seek

Judah has only one sippy...because he likes the softer tip and the one he has is like $ he only gets one. But as you can imagine that does have the potential problems of getting lost. That possibility has grown more recently because Judah likes to "put it away" in certain places. One day I opened up the silverware drawer and guess what I found? yup his sippy. Another time I opened my cupboard with my pots and pans and there it was. One evening Judah was definitely ready to go to bed, he was so cranky and for some reason I could not find that dang sippy ANYWHERE! I seriously looked for 30 minutes straight! Finally I looked in the mircowave of our play kitchen and there it was!! (I know I probably should have thought to look there sooner, but I have never needed to before...I check there now though) It is funny now, but I was not laughing when it happened : )

Whenever Glenn, the kids and I get out of the car to go in the house we race to the door. We each grab a kid and run, it is really fun. They LOVE it!! The other day Glenn and Judah were running hard to catch up with Savannah and I because we were so fast. As Savvy and I waited(which seemed like forever...haha...just kidding Glenn) I see Glenn coming but I couldn't see Judah, he was going so fast that Judah could not keep himself sitting up straight on Glenn's shoulders. Judah's head arrived about an entire second after Glenn ; ) I think poor little Judah got whiplash. It is hard to explain easier to understand if you saw it yourself. But it was funny.
Bethany(my niece), Savannah and Judah were playing together. Judah kept walking over to the kitchen and opening the microwave door. Papa Robbins would go over after and shut the door. Judah would walk back and see it closed and would open it again. He did this six times and then I got the last part of it on video. It was really cute and funny.

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Steve and Nicole said...

He is getting SO big!!
Isn't so funny how they put things in funny places?..well, funny until you need to find them. We have our staple places that we look for things when they are missing {window, book shelf, under tv...}