Monday, October 10, 2011

Outside Girl

Savannah LOVES LOVES LOVES the outside! She tries to escape EVERY chance she gets. She just loves it when we take her for walks and when we take her to the swings. She was extra cranky Sunday evening so I got her bundled up enough(it was still in the 60's, so it wasn't too cold) and we went for a walk looking at the pumpkins around the neighborhood and then we came back to walk around the grass area in front of our yard. She had so much fun. I took her to the window and had her knock on it to see her dad and he came over and played peek-a-boo with her through the window. It was a lot of fun!

I love how she went to our neighbors to open their door and then remembered to knock. so cute


Brieanna said...

Chrissy your kids are so stinkin' cute! Your blog is cute as well. You should take a look at my blog. :)

Gabrielle Riley said...

That's so funny she came to our door. We would have answered but we were out of town! :)

.Chrissy said...

Yeah Gabby, isn't that funny! She wanted Brayden to come and play : )