Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Maleah and Eric Gordon Wedding

This is my friend Maleah's wedding that I designed, planned, and executed : ) It turned out great! There were some things I wished I had had more time for but not bad planning a wedding in Nevada to be carried out in Utah!
My sister-in-law Lisa did the cupcake wedding cake.

Family Pictures

A very brief photo session for our family. We just needed an update. Savvy came down with a fever right before we got there and we were a bit dishevled....over all they turned out okay

"Animals Today"

 Savvy always asks me if we can see "animals today?" She LOVES all kinds of animals!
 This is Gus the bunny. He belongs to our friends in the Hillpointe Ward the Burts.

 We went to Petlands today and they got this sweet little dog out for us to play with. We named her Peaches and really loved her sweet personality!

Teddy Bear Tea Party at Gardner Village

 Grammy took us to a Teddy Bear Tea Party and it was such a fun and cute activity for all the girls! My mom put a lot of effort of her own into it as well! She made pearl bracelets for each little girl and made cute treat bags with Teddy Bear cookies and Gummy Bears. She also made incredible paper dolls!!!

 Savvy was obsessed with the shark in the water : )
 Gracey, Savvy, Audrey and Bethany

Zoo Time!

 Our Girls Night Out! We had so much fun. Fun stories, lots of laughter and so fun catching up!
 Aunt Kim, "Hunkle" Brandon, and Glenn took the kids to the Zoo so Lisa could work on cupcakes for the wedding and I could work on the wedding : )

 Judah did not love the carousel very much but Savvy wanted to go on every animal : )

Uncle Glenn and all the little ladies

 They were all loving laughing and teasing Glenn! It was such a fun time! : )

School Time

 We are going to work on our days of the week and months and seasons! I got this from the Utah Idaho Supply store and the kids and I have loved filling it every day : )

Our library(and probably lots of others) have a program that encourages you to read 1000 books before Kindergarten so that is what we are working on! : ) We have a good start : )

Trampoline Fun

 Uncle Brandon and Aunt Lisa have a trampoline and Savvy and Judah really had a ton of fun jumping on it. And the nieces LOVED having Uncle Glenn jump with them!