Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I love this age!

 Savvy and Judah really do love each other so much! They play together all the time and look out for each other. One of my favorite things about their relationship is that if Savvy gets a treat she makes sure that Judah has one. Also they wait patiently for each other, I never give stuff to them in the same order and they wait patiently while I take care of the other one. Whenever one of them is getting tickled or flown around the room, they laugh and laugh as much as if it were them actually in the moment. They are just as happy that one of them is having fun and joins in the fun even if they have to wait their turn. 

 With Savvy's hair we are trying all kinds of hair styles. She has insanely awesome hair!

 Playing with the air mattress is always so much fun for them!

 Bubbles in milk...but of course Judah can't resist putting his hand in it....

Judah thinks he is such a stud in these glasses, and he is ; )

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