Thursday, August 9, 2012

Judah Face

  Judah just started doing this one day with Glenn. Glenn was laughing so hard and Judah figured out it was a funny thing to do. I was able to catch some of them on camera. He is such a goof!

 This is the best one I think...

 This was my first homemade peach crisp from scratch! It was so good! I won't be able to make any other kind anymore!

 Savvy has been doing so good learning. She was able to find all of the right places for the letters! Good job Sav!

Just chillin', together.


Steve and Nicole said...

That peach crisp look absolutely delicious! My mouth is watering and the last picture of them in their diapers is the best ever hah what little cuties

Kyrstin said...

Savvy's hair is so long!!