Sunday, May 13, 2012

Family Pictures

 Look at that little boy's face, holy cow he is cute!
 Judah looks like a little model, he was screaming the most but he came out looking the best haha

 I love this picture!!

 Yup, this is Judah

 This boy, I am in serious trouble for the teenage years!

 Nice, right?!

 I just love this little girl!


The Oyler's said...

I LOVE these pictures!! Such an adorable family! Chrissy, you are seriously gorgeous:)

Crystal said...

I love the pics, so cute! Where did you have them taken at?

.Chrissy said...

Thanks!!! We were at the "Provo Castle" and an orchard right by it. It was so beautiful there were even deer in the background just hanging out.

Steve and Nicole said...

Chrissy these are awesome! All four of you are gorgeous. The one of Jude laying down on your...that is to die for precious. A framer for SURE!

And the one with the bubbles with you two. I guess I'm a sucker for pictures of baby boys with their mamas :)

And of course the one where they are both upset haha that made me laugh out loud, so real :)