Monday, March 12, 2012

My obsession with lace...

I am a lace girl.
(aren't these shoes adorable with the little lace sock?! )
Sometimes it just adds that perfect finishing touch.
It is actually pretty versatile. Which you probably wouldn't think right off hand.
This is my absolute favorite.
(my wedding dress was all lace, and I still really do love my dress as well.)

Boots + Lace = unbelievable.
Some people hate the whole take a picture in the wilderness thing, I love it EVERYTIME I see it!

I have everything to make this skirt. I am just waiting for me to finish losing the weight I need to so it can be a form-fitting skirt. Isn't it adorable!?
I wouldn't really know how to define my style so I think I will just throw some words out there.

Polka Dots
Big Earrings
Wedge Shoes

Not very daring...: ) but confident with what I do wear. Probably a little more classy and business like as opposed to casual.
I have been better at trying new things lately. Maybe when I am all the way down to my low weight I will put more pictures of myself!


Lisa Robbins said...

I love lace too! I especially LOVE the fourth picture, the lace dress with those boots. Even a lace skirt with those boots would be flippin cute! You're lucky you have lace to make a skirt like that. I can't wait to see what it looks like when you make it!!

Steve and Nicole said...

You totally have a classy style! That skirt on the bottom that you are making is so awesome....I've made the maxi skirts on her site, which I would 110% recommend.

And I can't believe you are still losing weight! You are so tiny already Chrissy!