Thursday, March 22, 2012


Mascara is one of those things in my life that is a must. It is the only make up that I have to have., everything else is just a bonus. I was blessed with fairly long lashes, which is good because I need something to draw the attention away from my nose. Because of the length of them there is a real process in getting them ready for the day, and I thought I would share what that is. I have tried several brands of mascara. From Avon to MAC, and seriously the brands at the grocery store REALLY work better for me. I was a Full n Soft Maybelline girl for a long long time. Recently I have switched over to The Falsies by Maybelline. And I have been happy with the results. I have seen some commercials for Voluminous False Lashes. I was intrigued because it claimed to use nylon and rayon fiber technology to make your lashes longer and I have not seen any other brands claim that. I decided to give it a try and bought a tube this week.

(by the way, don't you love that all mascara commercials use fake eye lashes what a sham)
I seriously took twenty pictures and this is the best I could come up with. : ) Not the most photogenic.
So far I think they do enhance the length but could use a little work on the volume. But over all I think I am going to use this for a while. I guess that is not an overwhelmingly great endorsement.

Here is my process for applying mascara. I start by pinching my lashes and holding it for a few seconds. I apply a generous coat from the top of my upper lashes and then from underneath. I then let that dry a little. I pinch again to gain the lift I need, otherwise my lashes stick straight out and don't really benefit anything unless they are viewed from the side. After I pinch when they are dry I reapply a layer on all sides and add some to my lower lashes. This has been a pretty consistent process for me and it works just the way I need it to.
I don't really think anyone cares about my views on mascara lol- I just thought it would be fun to post I did : )


Jacque said...

I love mascara too! I can't go without it. One trick I learned recently that works sooo well is using two different types of mascara. One coat from one and then the second coat from another. I have long eyelashes too but can't believe the difference this has made and makes them even longer and fuller! Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks. You are beautiful!

Lisa said...

That is quite the process! I am jealous of your long lashes! :) But I may give this mascara a try! Thanks!
Oh, did you cut your hair? It looks super cute in this picture! And that gray shirt looks super cute on you too!!

.Chrissy said...

Jacque-I have done that too!! Lisa-it just looks like that bc I hadnt washed my hair yet that day haha and so it looked stringy at the ends so I kept it back. The shirt is one of my favs, so thanks! by the way, I wore the shirts you got me to a wedding reception and I loved my outfit! thanks again!

The Kimmer Kollection said...

Oh my gosh that is hilarious i do the exact same process maybe i learned from you. But t feel the same way and get comments on my lashes all the time.

Steve and Nicole said...

I love the picture of you, beautiful. And I could use ALL the make up help I can get so I'm going to try this out tomorrow :)

.Chrissy said...

I kind of have an update on this. After having used it for a few weeks now, I can say I really LOVE it! I think there really is something to this fiber technology. I can say it is my favorite mascara ever. The trick is the 2nd and 3rd just builds off of itself. Here's to a great mascara!